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The Captain Appeals 34

Today is Labor Day; it is also my 34th birthday. I’ve been celebrating both all weekend. Saturday nite it was a delicious dinner with Meg at Salt in the Central West End. On Sunday nite the SMS crew came over to my house to help me celebrate. Meg made her wonderful spiedinis and I enjoyed gifts of booze, more booze, and blank cds and jewel cases. My friends know me well!
For the actual day of my birth, Meg surprised me with this bottle of D’FWINE



And tickets to the Cardinals game that afternoon. And not just tickets, but actual good seats on the third base lower level.



The Cardinals brought home a winner on a memorable play in the top of the ninth. A double by the Mets leadoff hitter was ruled as an out after an appeal at first base. Apparently he didn’t touch the base when he was rounding first. You can read about the specifics here, but I didn’t see any of that live. All I saw was the whole stadium go crazy when the appeal at first was called an out. Unforgettable play.
And now that the fun is over and I’m ready to appeal my age. 34 isn’t that much older than 33, but it sounds like it to me. Now I’m in my mid-thirties, whereas yesterday I was in my early-thirties. Pretty soon I’ll be in my late-thirties which is basically 40! I don’t want to be 34, I liked 33. Or 29. Or 25.

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