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The Captains Mystery Gift

On Sunday I got three of my favorite birthday gifts: alcohol, music, and old pictures. I’ve already enjoyed the first two gifts this week, so now it’s time for #3 for this week’s #WaybackWednesday

I’ve never seen this picture, do not remember when it was taken, or have any clue where I am in it. I can discern from the long hair on Ludlow and goatee on me that this was 2001. And the two other gentlemen in the picture point to a house party in Springtown.
The blonde floating ghost head in the corner is Danny Joe Gibson. Back then he was Radiohead Guy to me because that what we always tended to discuss when I ran into him. Now he is a local artist based in Kansas City with some great stuff you should check out here. Definitely check out the snow sculpture section!
Directly behind us is Sonic Youth Guy doing his best creeper impression. He totally looks like a Morrissey fan in this picture!
Only nowadays I don’t think of him as Sonic Youth Guy, I think of him as Comic Book Guy due to his good taste in comics and his superior penciling skills. But I can’t call him Comic Book Guy, because this is what people think of



But since Sonic Youth kind of sounds like a superhero team, he remains Sonic Youth Guy to me.
But I digress. The other mystery in this picture is the girl in the background. So if anyone can identify her or something else I missed please leave a comment.
And thanks again to my old roommate Ludlow for the picture. And speaking of gifts, why not find an old picture of you and me together and send it to me as a late birthday gift! Or send me a link to a song that you bet I haven’t heard! Or mail me some booze!

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