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The Captains Dad Is Such An Original Hipster

I didn’t get a chance to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday gifts, so allow me to do so now.  Thanks to my mother for this awesome 2011 World Champions wall hanging for my office.

Now all the holes are finally covered!

Thanks to my lovely wife for this pair of Cole Haan pair of work shoes.



She bought me the exact same pair in brown last year, and they’ve been the best pair of professional shoes I’ve ever worn.

And thanks to my dad for the randomly funniest gift of 2012: membership into a Beer of the Month Club.  Hilarious right?  Oh, I forgot to explain the joke.

See, a couple of weeks ago I made a joke along the lines of a Beer of the Month club being a very Hipster gift.  Which therefore means my dad is a Hipster, which sounds about right.  So right in fact that there’s already a book on the subject.




And now that I think about it, maybe I did steal some of my style from my dad.  After doing a little investigative digging, I found irrefutable proof of my obvious theft.  Here’s the smoking gun for #WaybackWednesday this week.  First let’s look at a recent photo of me.



Here’s a picture I put on Instagram using the 1977 filter of me wearing a Captains hat and oversized glasses while playing it cool.

And here’s my Dad.



He’s wearing a Captains hat and oversized glasses while playing it cool.  And the photo is discolored because was printed in 1976!





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