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The Captain Goes STL-DSM And Back

In the midst of all of the terrible baseball from this past weekend there was a bright spot. On Saturday nite I met an old friend from college who was in town from Des Moines. Jen and I met my freshman year of college and remained friends until she graduated and moved back to Iowa. Before Saturday nite it had been at least a dozen years since I had seen her. That’s a lot of catching up to do, and Blueberry Hill is the perfect place to get started.



And not only did I get to hang with Jen, her hip husband Chip was there and her roommate from college Laura also joined us for drinks.



It was a regular Sunvilla reunion! It was a real pleasure to reminisce with these classy ladies for a few hours. With so many good memories from back then I went digging for a good picture for #WaybackWednesday and found this goofy picture from fifteen years ago.


That was taken the summer after my freshman year of college in 1997. I took a brief trip up to Des Moines to visit Jen and see the sights. Although after flipping through the picture roll, it looks like the only place we went was mini-golfing. It was a memorable trip, and I’m glad that fifteen years later Jen was able to make the trip down to St. Louis. Now let’s hope that it doesn’t take another decade and a half for a repeat. After all, nobody shares a love of looking away from a flashing camera quite like Jen and I.




The Captain

The Captains Sister Is 33

Today is my sister’s birthday. In honor of her 33rd year on this planet I’m dedicating a special #2ForTuesday to Cathie.

They often say that twins have their own special language. Well at only one year apart, Cathie and I are considered Irish Twins. So here are the two phrases that we say the most to each other on any given day.
1. We are both massive Beavis and Butthead fans, but for some reason we both always identified ourselves as Butthead and the other as Beavis. As such, we almost always refer to each other this way.



2. We both lifted quite a few lines from the movie Heathers back in our youth. I mostly stuck to J.D.’s lines like “Greetings and Salutations” whereas Cathie would pretty much quote the whole damn movie. But we both loved this Heather Chandler’s classic.



Happy Birthday Sis!

The Captain

The Captain Goes Quietly

I’m absolutely stunned. When I last posted on Friday, the Cardinals were leading in the NLCS 3-1.  Since then the Cardinals were outscored 20-1 in 3 games?!?  Things are getting pretty desperate here in St. Louis.


Obviously I’m disappointed in how the season is ending for the Cardinals.  I need to put some time between these losses before I look back at the season.  So look for my final thought this week for #Friday5


The Captain

The Captain Lives For The Dead

While it may appear that I’ve been consumed by Cardinals baseball this week, I’ve actually left plenty of time for another of my favorites.   Zombies!



And it’s been a banner week for zombies in pop culture. Here’s a Top 5 list for an impressive week in zombies.

Top 5 Zombie Outbreaks This Week

1. The Walking Dead Season 3

Sunday got things started off right with the premiere of season three of The Walking Dead.



In one amazing episode this show made me forget all of the problems associated with the “lost” season spent at the farmhouse last year. Rick Grimes and company used maximum action and minimum words to clear out the prison which will be their home for the season. So much was conveyed without any of the clunky dialogue that haunted the show last season. The show looks set up to make a great run this year according to my fellow zed head Dolomite over at Nothing But Time.



2. We’re Alive Chapter
As luck would have it @SpeedyMick is also a zombie fan with good taste. A couple of months ago he hipped me to the amazing We’re Alive podcast. This well done audio drama has been running for years now, and with three seasons and thirty six episodes I had a lot of catching up to do. Within the last week I finally made it to the most current chapter, and I downloaded the most recent edition on Monday nite to finally be up to date.
And now that I’m current on the podcast, I can officially say I love it! The amount of time and skill that was put into crafting such an intricate story is incredible. The characters are remarkably fleshed out and the plot driven narrative is a nonstop thrill. Committing to the podcast is a bit daunting at first, but well worth the investment. Check them out at



3. The Twelve
Tuesday saw the release of my most highly anticipated novel of the year, The Twelve.



Ever since I finished The Passage back in 2009 I’ve been waiting to get my hands on the sequel. Now granted, this trilogy is officially about Vampires. But the creatures that populate the series, known as virals, are an obvious cross between vampires and zombies in my book. While virals have the characteristics of vampires, they behave like zombies. And this combination is terrifying in its execution. I’ve only just begun reading the novel, but I’m already trilled to be back in the years A.V. (After Viral)

4. The Walking Dead issue 103
Wednesday saw the release of issue 103 of The Walking Dead comic. If you’re not reading the comic, then what I’m discussing won’t make sense. And if you are reading the comic but haven’t made it to 103 yet, let me throw up a this statement.



Still with me? Ok good.
After the brutal death of Glen in issue 100, the comic has really picked up steam in my mind. I think the comics were at their best during the Governor issues back at the prison. By establishing Negan as a super villain in the subsequent issues Kirkman has given the comic the kind of focus that seemed to be lacking for a while. Issue 103 really drove home the point that Negan is a first class asshole with the power to back it up.



Building a super villain takes time, and Kirkman is investing wisely. By having Rick and the survivors bide their time till they can find an upper hand seems both wise and realistic. Rick Grimes is gonna bring down Negan’s evil empire, and it going to be bloody fun to watch.


5. Resident Evil 6
While there wasn’t any new zombie release on Thursday, I did spend some time killing zombies in mass numbers while playing Resident Evil 6. The game has only been out ten days now, and I’m already hopelessly addicted. I started with the more traditional horror route by playing the Leon storyline first. Ah-maze-ing. Shooting my way out of a town overrun by zombies is about as fun as it gets. Even on the “normal” difficulty setting it’s still immensely challenging. Limited bullets v. unlimited zombies is tricky and thrilling. And after a week of zombies like mine, I’m ready to keep blasting away!



The Captain

The Captain Is Ready To Get Arrested Again

It’s killing me waiting for the next season of Arrested Development. Come on!
So in the meantime, here are some good space fillers. Check out this preview for an upcoming documentary on the show

And here’s a great way to kill 10 minutes of you life with Arrested Development quotes.

You’re welcome.

The Captain

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