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The Captains Super Busy September

Today is the first day of October, and damn if September didn’t blow by too fast. I was so busy in September that I didn’t mention several blogworthy topics. I intended to write about them last week for Friday 5, but I was too busy on Friday to write a post about how busy I’ve been! So here’s a better-late-than-never Monday edition of Friday 5!


Top 5 Missed Blogworthy Events In September 2012


1. I bought a car
With my old silver Saturn coupe about ready to die, I made a pre-emptive purchase of a used car in decent shape. After an exhaustive search I decided on a silver PT Cruiser. I’m not exactly in love with the car yet, but it was the right price and the mileage was super low for a 2001. I think the only reason the car hadn’t been purchased yet was its manual transmission, which was a plus in my book. So next time you see me check out my sweet middle-aged lady ride!


2. Megan went on a cruise to Alaska
Meg and her mom took a much needed week-long vacation September 11-18. They hopped on a Carnival ship in Seattle and cruised up to Alaska. It sounded like a great time, and the pictures she sent back were amazing. Check out this picture of Meg in Glacier Bay:



Meg was still pretty stressed from the passing of her father, so I was glad she had a chance to relax with her mother for a few days. It would have been fun to go with her, but I was happy to stay back with the doggies so she could unwind.


3. I had a staycation week at home
I had a whole week to myself while she was gone and it was refreshing. Some may assume that I went into party mode while my wife was away, but it really wasn’t like that. I did get a chance to attend LoLo Fest 30 on the Saturday nite while she was gone, which could be the subject of another post



But for the most part I just hung out around the house with the doggies. So exactly like this:



4. I saw The Master on its opening weekend
As a huge fan of director PT Anderson I was eagerly awaiting the release of his new film. I’ve watched his last film, There Will Be Blood, too many times to count in the past five years since its release and I was hungry for Anderson’s much talked about Scientology film. Now that I’ve seen it, here’s my reaction



Unfortunately, I won’t be able to elaborate with more than a smile until I see the film again. There was a tremendous amount to take in, and I’m still processing what I saw. A second viewing is practically mandatory, so you should hurry up and watch it for the first time.


5. I got a new iPhone
My iPhone 4 was also about ready to die after a good 2 year run. I was ready for a new phone this summer, but I figured I would wait to see the iPhone 5 before upgrading. After reading up on the iPhone 5, I was not super impressed. While there were some cool new features, it didn’t sound that much better than the iPhone 4S. Plus I was not really down with the new power cord system being incompatible with the long time plug they’ve used. Meg and I both have new iPhone 4S now and I’m loving it. Unfortunately, I managed to erase my contacts list in the conversion. So anyone reading this that knows my phone number should text me their phone number.


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