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The Captains Dog Is Legal

Yesterday was my dog Desmond’s 3rd birthday, which make him 21 in dog years. Time to get him wasted!



Don’t worry, we didn’t give him alcohol. We gave him the dog equivalent, fake chocolate bones!



As with all children gifts we had to get one for Hugo too . While the boys still get along smashingly, Desmond DEFINITELY does not understand the concept of sharing.
It took them both several minutes to understand how to eat their birthday treats



But they made quick work of them once they figured it out. Afterwards they laid around the house for the rest of the day in a happy stupor, partially because they were still exhausted from the previous evening.
On Saturday nite we had a full house over to watch the Stewart-O’Reilly debate, which also doubled as a quick going away party for Captain Mike. He’s leaving in a few days to spend six weeks in officer training down in Alabama, so the gang got together to send him off right. Even Coco made it all the way from Indiana. Cheers to Captain Mike!



The dogs were so tired from all of the excitement they stood still long enough to be held together. This is EXTREMELY rare occurrence.



It was a fun weekend by all accounts, but especially for the birthday boy. Although if there was some way to ask Desmond what he thought, it would probably be something like this.



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