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The Captain Closes The Loop

If you haven’t seen the wonderful new film Looper yet then this post might not make a lot of sense. So go see it first and then get back to Captain Quarters.
Ok good. I loved the film, particularly the idea of Closing The Loop. In the past this kind of idea was similar to Coming Full Circle, but something about Closing The Loop really resonated with me. Yesterday I had that feeling, minus the time travel part, and I wanted to highlight it for #WaybackWednesday. Here’s me and my mother and brothers buying my first Saturn in October 2002.



That was the first and only new car I’ve ever purchased. It was a blue SC1, commonly referred to as the Three-Door. I LOVED that car so hard. I named her Joni after the first song on Joni Mitchell’s album Blue. I drove Joni to 40 states back in 2003. It was where Megan and I first kissed, outside of the restaurant on our first date. She was a great car, one that I unfortunately crashed in April of 2006. I loved that car so much that I essentially bought the same car right after I crashed it.
I bought a silver Three Door Saturn that I named Chachi to replace Joni, and I loved that car just as much. Chachi was the basic version of the car, without all the bell and whistles, but still drove like a champ. Driving a stick that sits low to the ground always felt like I was hugging the road when I drove, which was kind of a problem. I sped way too often in both cars; I was pulled over in Joni 10 times in 2003 alone.1 Speeding in Chachi was the cause of numerous accidents over the past 6+ years, which was apparent in the numerous dents that cover the car.
Last month it became obvious that Chachi was coming close to the end of life, so I bought a new car. Yesterday I drove Chachi to a scrap yard and said goodbye to the Three Door Saturn for the last time.



As it turns out, it was ten years to the day that I drove Joni off the dealership lot back in 2002. I had a wonderful decade full of memories in my Three Door Saturn, one that came flooding back to me on the drive to the salvage yard. But now the loop is closed and it’s time to move on.



The Captain


1.  I was pulled over by cops ten times in 2003, but managed to talk my way out of a ticket eight times.  Silver tongue!

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