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The Captain Goes STL-DSM And Back

In the midst of all of the terrible baseball from this past weekend there was a bright spot. On Saturday nite I met an old friend from college who was in town from Des Moines. Jen and I met my freshman year of college and remained friends until she graduated and moved back to Iowa. Before Saturday nite it had been at least a dozen years since I had seen her. That’s a lot of catching up to do, and Blueberry Hill is the perfect place to get started.



And not only did I get to hang with Jen, her hip husband Chip was there and her roommate from college Laura also joined us for drinks.



It was a regular Sunvilla reunion! It was a real pleasure to reminisce with these classy ladies for a few hours. With so many good memories from back then I went digging for a good picture for #WaybackWednesday and found this goofy picture from fifteen years ago.


That was taken the summer after my freshman year of college in 1997. I took a brief trip up to Des Moines to visit Jen and see the sights. Although after flipping through the picture roll, it looks like the only place we went was mini-golfing. It was a memorable trip, and I’m glad that fifteen years later Jen was able to make the trip down to St. Louis. Now let’s hope that it doesn’t take another decade and a half for a repeat. After all, nobody shares a love of looking away from a flashing camera quite like Jen and I.




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