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The Captain Is Coming Undone

I like Jay-Z and I like Radiohead so mashing them together is predictably awesome.  Mashing up two musicians I dislike doesn’t sound like a winning plan, but hot damn if this mix of Korn’s “Coming Undone” and Taylor Swift’s “We’re Never Getting Back Together” isn’t the fucking amazing.



There are mash-ups and then there’s Mash-Ups.  We Are Coming Undone is definitely the latter.




The Captain

The Captain Broke The Intern

Moving on up! My buddy @MortBurke has been busy this year.  He’s been killing it with his Twitter account @2yearoldasshole


And now he’s moving up to prime time!  Check him out in this week’s opening scene to Fox’s The Mindy Project



Glad to see such a funny dude doing well.  What’s next?  Judging from the intense chemistry he has with Mindy Kaling in this scene, I think they should do a spin-off together.  How about a remake of the 70s classic with a new twist – Mort & Mindy




Mort already has the striped sweater; all he needs is a pair of rainbow suspenders!




The Captain

The Captains Puppy Love

Yesterday marked our three year anniversary with our pup Desmond.  Even though I bought him as a 30th birthday present for Meg, the boy has been mine pretty much since the beginning.  He’s a real daddy’s boy, much in the same way that Hugo is a momma’s boy.  I’m not quite sure why Desmond picked me, but the choice couldn’t be clearer.  I’ve only had one other dog that showed such a clear preference for me, my childhood dog Heidi.  So in honor of three years with Desmond, here’s a pic of the Captain’s first canine fan for #WaybackWednesday



According to the time stamp this picture was taken in 1986.  If I recall correctly, my sister demanded to take this picture after she put her clip-on earrings on Heidi.   I guess my mom must’ve volunteered to hold her.  What a couple of pretty ladies!

What strikes me now is how Desmond reminds me of Heidi.  Cute face, long legs, white fur with a distinctive spot, and an undying love of me.  No wonder I love that little boy so much!






The Captain

The Captain Winds Down 2012

I’ve been busy working on Modern Rock 2012 playlists for the past couple of weeks; they’re are simply too many good tunes this year to narrow them down.  But at least there’s plenty of good #2ForTuesday tracks!  This week I’m including a couple of recently released songs I’ve been jamming.  First up is Runaway Love by Diamond Rings.



Next is Waiting by The Whigs.



So what do you think? Are these songs good enough to make the cut?  Let me know, because I’m running out of time!




The Captain

The Captain Floss ‘n Flies All Over This Mofo

I’ve been on a mission this year to improve my dental hygiene.  Ever since I jacked up my two front teeth in that four-wheeler accident back in ’04 I’ve had problems with my grill.  The bridge work and root canal I had in ’09 went a long way towards fixing my problems. Now I’m trying to get my teeth back in great shape and I’m always looking for ways to improve.  I was on YouTube today searching for flossing techniques and I came across this laughable clip.



How ridiculous is this?  What mother put her visibly uncomfortable daughter up to this? Who shoots iPhone video vertically?  Is her anxiety the reason the girl can’t even tie a knot?  Did she swallow that mouthwash seconds later to calm her nerves?  And perhaps most importantly, how does this clip not have more than 100 views?!  Let’s show Laurie and her daughter some love!


Also, I inadvertently found some amazing looking floss during my search



Waffle and bacon floss are now the top of my X-mas list. (hint, hint)





The Captain

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