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The Captain Scores A Thanksgiving Bingo

Now that Turkey Day is over, it’s time to tally the results!  Meg and I hosted our families at our home for Thanksgiving, and by our families I mean her mom and 6 of my family members.  The whole afternoon I was chiefly concerned with two thing: Putting gravy on EVERYTHING




And doing a mental tally of all the squares on my Thanksgiving Bingo sheet.  Here’s my winning sheet




Thanks to Meg who did an incredible amount of work for the holiday and thanks to Hugo for stealing some turkey to help me score a bingo!



The Captain

The Captain Likes The Dark Meat

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m loving the dark meat just like Larry and his mom.




The Captain

The Captains Thanksgiving Eve Tradition

It’s the biggest bar nite of the year!  It’s my second favorite drinking nite of the season and I’m spending it with my sister like always.  Cathie and I have a Thanksgiving eve tradition that stretches back for years.  Like the baloney darts nite back in 2009.  This year we’re headed to the new Hollywood Casino down in Riverport to celebrate in style.  We make a good pair, as you can see in today’s #WaybackWednesday pick.1  The Captain and Cathie want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving 1989.



The Captain


1.  Today’s #WaybackWednesday is sponsored by Olan Mills and Ogilvie Home Perm.

The Captains Brother & Sister Are In The House

The preparation for turkey week is full gear today.  There’s a lot of work to be done before the whole family comes over to my house on Thursday.  I’m really keyed up to see everyone, so I thought I’d pick out a few songs from my siblings on #2ForTuesday

First up is Kill Your Heroes by AWOLNATION

My brother Paul introduced me to this band back in January.  I was somewhat leery at first, but seeing their show at Pops turned me into a believer.  This single is about as radio perfect as Modern Rock gets in 2012.

Next up is Big Bright World by Garbage



Garbage always reminds me of my sister Cathie, both the band and piles of smelly trash.

In the case of this song by the band Garbage, there appears to be some kind of witchcraft.  Somehow Butch Vig managed to turn the clock back 15 years and crank out this 90s vintage tune.  Easily the best thing outta Shirley Manson in at least a decade.

So there you have it, Kill Your Heroes and Garbage.  Happy Turkey Day!



The Captain


The Captains Wife Turns 33

Saturday was my wife’s birthday and I tried my damndest to make it a memorable one.  With this being Megan, a cupcake from Jilly’s was pretty much a given.



Other no brainers included flowers, shoes and a bottle of wine.




I tried a little creativity by heading over to and searching for a mouse pad for her work computer.  I found this Toy Fox Terrier Love design



Which is almost a perfect match for Desmond.



On Saturday nite we went out to celebrate at a couple of classy destinations.  We sampled a couple of wine flights at Robust Wine Bar in Webster Groves



And had a meal to die for at the brand new Niche in Clayton.



Niche just relocated to Clayton early this month, and damn if it isn’t already the best restaurant in town.  The only reason I was able to get a dinner reservation on a Saturday nite was I made it on the first day Niche reopened.1

So if you haven’t already please join me in wishing Megan a Happy Birthday!




The Captain



1.  Which is actually quite close to how I landed a classy lady like Megan; I asked her out the first month after she moved back to town.  If you want the best you gotta ask early!

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