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The Captain Puts The West County In West Olive

This past weekend I was lucky enough to score free tickets to the pre-opening of the new AMC West Olive Dine-In Theater. The revamped theater actually didn’t open till today, but I got to see a screening of The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday as part of their soft opening.



This was super cool for a number of reasons. First, it’s the closest movie theater to my house and it’s been closed for like 6 months. But probably most important is how much I’ve always loved this theater. West Olive was the first theater in St. Louis to open with stadium seating way back in the mid-90s. Soon afterward my buddy Grellner got a job at the theater and from that moment on it was the only place I wanted to watch movies. Even though there were nicer theaters that have opened in the past several years, I’ve still been loyal to West Olive.
Now West Olive is the pioneering movie theater in St. Louis again by launching the dine-in theater experience. Check out the website here. The ads said it was basically a restaurant combined with a movie theater, and they were right. Our theater had a full menu that was on par with say a TGIFridays with a full bar. And my theater had full size leather recliners and swivel trays for food and drink. Here’s Meg enjoying the theater’s comforts.



The whole thing was pretty impressive and made for a great environment for watching movies, especially a long film like The Dark Knight Rises. About the only complaint was the food was a smidge overpriced. But then again, everything at a theater is usually overpriced. It’s definitely worth checking out; it definitely gets the official Captains Quarters seal of approval.

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