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The Captains Own Little X-Mas Herd

Last year at this time I was busy packing my bags for Florida; wish I was headed down this year.  This year I’m headed over to my sister’s place in South City for our family X-Mas party.  Glad to be spending it with my sister this year, since I didn’t actually see her last year on X-Mas for the first time ever.1  It was a little weird not seeing my holiday partner in sanity last year.  When it comes to the holiday season Cathie and I are in it together.  Here we are as little beasts of burden for #Wayback Wednesday.




According to the back of the picture this was taken Christmas 1984.  Cathie and I were both playing sheep in the manger for the church play.  For some reason Cathie wouldn’t keep on her sheep hat, whereas I seem to be enjoying my furry headgear.  From the matching robes to the matching bowl haircuts, we were our own little herd!

And with that I wish you all a happy holidays.  I’m taking my customary two week break, so I’ll see you back here at Captains Quarters in 2013!



The Captain


1.  Not entirely true. I technically spent X-Mas 1978 without her, but I try not to think about the good old days before that attention thief came around.

The Captain Modern Rock Is Set To Run

Modern Rock 2012 is finished!


MR 2012 Debut


Those of you lucky enough to receive a copy will seeing them starting on Thursday.  Until then, here’s a couple of #2ForTuesday tracks that just missed being on the final discs.  First up is a track that Alex the Raging Liberal suggested.  Here’s White Buffalo with The Pilot


Great track, but just a bit too twangy for Modern Rock.  Next up is a track that I really wish I’d have found room to include.  Here’s Blonds with Run



The Captain

The Captains Loss Is Chicagos Gain

This weekend was bittersweet, as I had to say goodbye to some friends.  And not just any friends, it was the Creve Coeur Hippies.




I’ve seen quite a bit of my buddies Lolo and Beaver Chickenhead since I discovered that they live five minutes from my house.  After two years and too many good times to count, they loaded up a rental truck and moved away to Chicago this weekend.


 lolo move


Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that those two crazy kids are pursuing new opportunities in the big city.  But from a purely selfish point of view, damn do I want them to stay in St. Louis.  Their house is the perfect drop-in location for last minute socializing.

I stopped by a couple of times over the weekend to help them out with the move, and to hang out one more time.  I wish them nothing but the best on their adventures in Illinois.

As long as they move back to Missouri eventually…


 lolo mo



The Captain

The Captain Enjoys The Comforts Like A Hobbit

If there is one thing I’m almost always down for it’s the midnite premier of a great movie.  Last nite my buddy Alex the Raging Liberal gathered a group of super nerds for The Hobbit in the early morning.  We reserved primo 3D seats at the new West Olive Dine-In theatres.  And what an unlikely group we made, just like the film itself.  We had Alex, Lolo,


lolo rings


As well as Constable Boom Boom, @aquanetter, Officer Brown, @winehouseamy, and my brother Paul.  After 3 hours of beer, food and Middle Earth I was so exhausted I slept from about 4am to 2pm.  What a great way to enjoy a day off!



The Captain

The Captain Scored For The Pickups

The continued mild temperatures in St. Louis made for an ideal evening downtown, and I had a big one planned on Wednesday.  I recruited professional tastemaker @aquanetter to guide me through flights of beer and cheese at @BridgeSTL to start out the nite.


bridge stl


They make a Cuban sandwich they call “Cuba, Missouri” that I highly recommend.  After a few bites and drinks we stopped by the St. Louis Public Library to check out the fancy new renovation.  It was pretty impressive, from the architecture and the lighting


 grand library


to the book selection.




But we didn’t stay long, for our main destination was Peabody Opera House for the @1057thepoint Ho Ho Show!



We missed the opening set by Cloud Nothings, arriving in just enough time to get a drink and walk all the way down to our seats.  We we’re in the 3rd row!


3rd group


First up was an uneven set from Grouplove.



I’ve been a fan of these eccentric hippies since I first heard them last May.  This was my first time seeing the band live, and I was surprised at how much manic energy the band puts into performing.  Most of the time this energy was fun to watch, but there were a few noticeable times when it fell flat.  Here’s the band closing out their set with Colours



Headlining the show was the Silversun Pickups.



One of my favorite touring bands comes to town and I finally have great seats!


silver brian


Granted, I was a lot closer to SSPU the first time I saw them back in 2007.  But that was at Crowbar, a tiny dive club in Tampa, so everyone was close to the band.

I was especially excited for this performance, as I was anxious to see new bassist Sarah Negahdari perform with the band.  And she did not disappoint.




As my wife can attest, I have a thing for petite brunettes with wavy hair.  And especially ones who can rock the bass so hard!

The Pickups played a scorching set with a great sampling of songs from the band’s catalog.  Singer Brian Aubert had great energy the entire evening; he remarked several times that he was happy to be back in St. Louis.  Brian laughed about the mid-set weather cancelation that happened when The Pickups played Fair St. Louis.2  And he gave a shoutout to Vintage Vinyl before tearing into Panic Switch.

Here’s the full set list from December 12, 2012:


1.  Skin Graph

2.  The Royal We

3.  Bloody Mary

4.  Simmer

5.  Gun-Shy Sunshine

6.  Little Lover’s So Polite

7.  Mean Spirits

8.  The Pit

9.  Catch and Release

10. Panic Switch

11. Dots and Dashes

12. Lazy Eye


1.  Busy Bees

2.  Well Thought Out Twinkles


It’s a definite selection for my Top 5 Live Shows Of 2012.   And a great end to another great evening in downtown St. Louis!



The Captain


1.  The band was kind enough to update the audience on the maternity leave of original bassist Nikki.  Apparently she gave birth to twin girls on December 10th.  Congrats Nikki!

2.  Even though the rain soaked me as I ran away from that stage, it was worth it to see the band play There’s No Secrets This Year with lightning in the background.

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