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The Captain Is Required To Go Outside

The weather in St. Louis this past weekend was so nice it was almost insulting. 72° with a light breeze at the beginning of December means two things.  First, Summer 2013 is going to be just as unbearably hot as Summer 2012.



More immediately, this unseasonable warm front means everyone and their mother is out enjoying the weather.  I spent Sunday afternoon walking in Creve Coeur Park along with 75% of the residents of St. Louis County.  I’ve never seen the walking trails so crowded in the three years I’ve lived by the park!

The big crowds resulted in some extremely interesting people watching for me.  Here are a couple of my favorites:




That’s right, someone was actually riding a penny-farthing bike around in public!  You can’t see it from the photo, but the dude was also rocking a giant handlebar moustache because of course.

But my favorite was this couple.



After I snapped this picture I spent the rest of my walk imagining this couple’s conversation.  In my head, it went like this – “Allrite, I’ll go on a walk in Creve Coeur Park with you.  But I’m wearing my camos & we’re stopping for a fountain soda first.   And I’m not changing into a shirts with sleeves so don’t even ask.”

There are so many possible good captions to this picture, let me hear your best!




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