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The Captain End Of Year Lists Are Heavenly

We are rapidly approaching the end of the line, which means today will be the last #2ForTuesday for Modern Rock 2012.  Creating my Modern Rock discs is a year long process, and this week is the end of that process.  But before I’m ready to anoint my tracklists as The Captains Best Songs Of The Year, I wait to see what the professionals have to say.

Even though I spend a considerable amount of time seeking out new music, I realize that I’m never going to catch everything.  I learned that lesson ten years ago when I was creating my first Modern Rock disc back in 2002.  About a week after I had burnt my first Modern Rock discs and distributed them, a buddy gave me a copy of the new Flaming Lips album.  Despite all of my hard work, I had somehow slept on Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.  It was embarrassing enough to make me vow more diligence in the future.

Nowadays I wait to finish my Modern Rock playlists until I check the Best Of lists from three trusted sources: & &

This year all the critics were in love with Frank Ocean, which I just don’t get.  His music isn’t remarkable to me, so what am I missing here?  The other band that all the critics seemed to agree on was Japandroids.  I wasn’t really into them when I first heard them earlier this year, but I took another look based on all of the critical praise.  Now I see what everyone one was talking about.  Here they are with The House That Heaven Built.



The rest of the Best Of lists were pretty decent in their selections, but my favorite album this year, Visions by Grimes, didn’t get nearly enough love.  The other track that I picked up from the lists was from The Walkmen.  I gave the band’s latest album a listen earlier this year and enjoyed it, and then forgot all about it for some reason.  Thanks for the reminder music critics!  Here’s The Walkmen with Heaven.



And with that another year of Modern Rock comes to a close.  Those of you lucky enough to get a copy should look for the discs starting next week.  I’ll be discussing the Modern Rock 2012 in detail come January, and look for a 10th Anniversary celebration around that time too!



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