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The Captain Reviews Modern Rock 2012 Part Zwei


2012 second


1.  Synthesizers – Butch Walker & The Black Widows

From April

The musical statement of the year comes from a guy I’ve never heard of named Butch.  This track has the kind of broad appeal rock that used to rule the charts, so it’s perfect to begin Disc 2.  And this anti-hipster chant has most memorable music video of a year full of memorable music videos.  Wooderson live!  Allrite Allrite!


2.  Go Right Ahead –The Hives

From June

I could’ve gone with several songs from Lex Hives on Disc 2, but in the end I went with the lead single.  The Hives received a fair amount of push back for lifting the horn section from ELO’s hit song Don’t Let Me Down on this track.  But in this era of mashups, who really gives a shit anymore.  If anything, I’d give them some grief for making two music videos for this song.

3.  Danny Come Inside – White Rabbits

From Now

At first I was disappointed at the sophomore album from Webster Groves’ own White Rabbits.  But once I gave Milk Famous a chance, I discovered that the deep cuts were the best.  I don’t understand how this track wasn’t push instead of the album’s other two singles.


4.  Forever – Haim

From May

According to NME, Haim is the next big thing for 2013.  Not to go all hipster on you, but I said that back in 2010.  The sisters Haim1 have the California groove thing down to a science, and I’m really looking forward to hearing their proper LP in 2013.  But for now enjoy the hype before the storm.

5.  Waiting – The Whigs

From November

Great song, and the laziest great album cover of the year.


6.  Heaven – The Walkmen

From December

The Walkmen first appeared on Modern Rock 2003, and since the only thing they’ve constantly done is change their sound.  This time around they went with a middle of the road sound that is complex in it’s simplicity.  No matter how fast or slow these guys drive it always seems to be just my speed.


7.  Knock Knock – Band Of Horses

From August

As much as I love Band Of Horses I don’t seems to understand them anymore.  Their upbeat songs are so wonderful, and yet they only seem to focus on the slower tempo numbers.  I thought their opening set for My Morning Jacket back in August was frustratingly slow.  With songs as great as this, why wouldn’t they unleash the rock?!?


8.  Sisterly – Fang Island

From October

I like this song for many reasons, but mainly because it reminds me of my sister.  She’s pretty rad.


9.  Lonely Fortunes – Ha Ha Tonka

From May

While I usually try and steer clear of most Twang Rock for my discs, the boys from West Plains, MO demanded inclusion this year.  Something about this down-on-your-luck track really felt like authentic Ozarks recession rock.  Plus I’m a sucker for a good mandolin solo.


10.  Outta My System – My Morning Jacket

From August

I was only able to include this song on a technicality.  This track was almost included on Modern Rock 2011, but I went with a couple of other standouts from Circuital.  Luckily Jim James decided to release this as a deluxe single this year.  It’s like I make my rules just to find creative ways around them!


11.  Man On Fire – Edwards Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

From October

Edward Sharpe seemed determine not to be a one hit wonder after 2010’s crossover smash Home.  This follow up single didn’t exactly break any new ground, but it still managed to strike a chord with me.






The Captain



1.  Apparently the band name Haim isn’t pronounced like the last name of the famous Corey from the 80s.  According to them it rhymes with “time.”

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