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The Captain Finishes Out February

Today is the last day of February, and I’ve made it all the way through the month without drinking.  So watch out tomorrow


booze time


And until then


still february



The Captain

The Captain Rocks Back A Little

Last week I kicked of my #WaybackWednesday look at my year on the road ten years ago.  My first trip1 started with a brief stopover in Florida and put me in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  After the party in the Big Easy, I sent my buddy D back to St. Louis on a Greyhound and I headed for Arkansas.  Arkansas wasn’t exactly the most glamorous way to start my travels, but luckily I had friends in Little Rock to visit.  Here’s me with my old college roommate Dan at his place in Little Rock.


 Captain & Dan


Dan started dating my friend Maria right after I graduated in 2001, and she moved down with him to Little Rock while he was attending Medical School.  Here’s me with Maria.


Captain & Maria


According to the time stamp on these pictures they were taken on February 27, 2003.  At that point I hadn’t seen either one of them in over a year, and I hadn’t spent any time with them together as a couple.  So we had a lot of catching up to do, which we did with several of the White Russians pictured.

February in Arkansas isn’t terribly exciting, but we managed to have a great time.  I remember Dan kept inviting over this super-ripped female bodybuilder friend of his who scared the bejesus outta me.  And I recall the three of us taking a day trip to Hot Springs to get some massages.  From what I remember, Dan and I had a very relaxing rubdown while Maria was getting manhandled by an obese masseuse in the next room.  Hilarious!

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen either one of them.  They both live in Indiana, separately, with families of their own.  Maybe it’s time for another February road trip?



The Captain


1.  Technically this wasn’t my first trip.  I spent a few weeks in December in Kansas learning how to perform my job duties.  It was a strange time that saw me grow a beard and briefly date a stripper, so I usually just refer to the trip in February as my first.

The Captain Likes The Early Peeks

There are a slew of exciting albums lined up for release this year, and luckily the artists are releasing some of the material early!  Here’s two lead singles for upcoming releases for #2ForTuesday


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Sacrilege

The Strokes with All The Time



The Captain

The Captain Will Settle For A Draw

So the Oscars were last nite and I have lots of opinions on them that I will mostly save for myself.  On the whole I thought that Set McFarlane did an above average job of hosting and the rest of the production value was below average.  My favorite joke of the nite was the Von Trapp Family joke from the Sound Of Music. Spot on!

Of course , the real excitement was finally no losing the Oscar pool to Grellner.  We went head to head in five categories, and we both picked two right and three wrong.  Considering my long losing streak in the past, tying with him is a win in my book.  All in all, a good nite.



The Captain

The Captain And His Trusty Chad

Yesterday St. Louis was hit with a real snow storm for the first time in a couple of years.  While most of the County only got 4-6” of snow, it was the timing and intensity that hit so hard.  There wasn’t a drop of moisture before 10am, which meant that most folks had to go into work.  Starting after noon the snow started falling at a rate over one inch an hour.  It piled up too fast for the road crews to catch up.  Some businesses and offices were smart and let their employees leave at noon.  I was one of the unlucky ones who got sent home at 2pm.

Normally my drive from Clayton to Creve Coeur takes about 15-20 minutes, but I figured I would take at least twice that due to the snow packed streets.  I’ve learned by now that bad weather turns St. Louis highways into parking lots, so I set off on the sidestreets.  My drive through the empty streets of University City was eerily beautiful

  2-21 snow u city snow


But soon I made it to Page and ran into a complete standstill.  The snow was coming down hard, and cars were stalling all around me.  Here’s a pic my buddy Jaison took on Page that looks exactly like what I was seeing.




I wisely found a good detour route and made it over to Olive, where traffic was much lighter heading west.  By now it was about forty minutes in and I had gone eight miles.  I was determined to make it home, but the worst was yet to come.  The Olive and I-270 interchange was a complete disaster.  Traffic heading eastbound and on the highway was completely stopped.  Like drivers out of their car stopped like this.


270 and olive


I managed to avoid the stalled cars and powered my way down the home stretch.  It took me an hour and I was lucky.  I heard the backup on I-64 was in the 3-4 hours range.

I’m telling this story because I want to give a shoutout to my car for performing like a champ.  Now, I know what most people think of my car.


pt nickelback


But like Nickelback my car showed me that it’s popular for a reason.  Despite the Cruiser’s goofy appearance, there is a lot to like.  It was made right here in St. Louis at the old Chrysler plant, and it drove like a tank yesterday.  As much as I loved my old Saturn, Chachi, it never drove well in bad weather.

If my car is the Nickelback of cars I guess that makes me a Nickelback fan.  Therefore I’ve decided to officially name my car Chad after the God of Buttrock himself, Chad Kroeger.  So here’s a big thank you to Chad for getting me home safe yesterday.






The Captain

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