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The Captain Kicks Ass Too

This trailer is much funnier if you know ahead of time that the only adult is a barely recognizable Jim Carrey.




The Captain

The Captain Is Ready to #OccupyGreendale

Another Thursday nite in St. Louis and the same stupid move from @KSDK

Newschannel 5 seems determined to let Community wither on the dying vine that is Thursday comedy on NBC.  This makes the fourth season in a row that KSDK has preempted Community for local programming.  But I’m sure that a show struggling for ratings appreciates being bumped to late Sunday nite in one of the Top 25 markets in America.  It’s madness!




And every time it makes less sense.  This time it was for a repeat of a local show about the good work being done in a local hospital.  But it was a REPEAT of a local show going against an original network show.  In fact, the next two ½ hour comedies were both a REPEAT, and the horrible comedy on at 8:30 has much worse ratings.  And don’t even get me started on how NBC has trashed the old E.R. spot on Thursday nite.  That stink bomb they tried to launch in February got some of the lowest numbers ever for a network debut.  Check out the Twitter feed of that show, Do No Harm, a mere 5 weeks after the second and last show that aired.


do no harm


First off, how do 2,500 people still follow this feed?  And second, check out that promoted tweet.  NBC had to pay for that tweet to be sent out to clog everyone’s twitter feed, and it only got 1 favorite!  What a complicated way to flush away money!  I used to love Thursday nites on NBC, now I pray that the death is painless.



The Captain

The Captain Keeps Getting Burned

When it comes to memories from my #YearontheRoad not all weeks immediately stand out.  But this week ten years ago is still clear in my mind; two specific events are still burned into my memory.  On March 20th, 2003 I remember sitting in my room at a Super 8 in rural Georgia and watching President Bush order the invasion of Iraq.  Up to that point I had been very vocal about my belief that there were no WMD’s in Iraq, so being by myself in the deep south surrounded by war supporters was difficult.  Looking back at that sad nite ten years later, I’m still saddened that my country entered an unnecessary war under false pretenses.

Watching the President wage a false war was a figurative burn , I soon transitioned into a literal burn.  That’s where we pick up the Captain on the beach in Florida for #WaybackWednesday


 big burn 03


And of course, there’s a story.  Back in 2003, looking up current events using a computer did not exist.  So when I found myself in an unknown city, I couldn’t check on activities without picking up a local reader.  I would just head to an open space and see what was happening.  In Florida, this meant public beaches.

This particular weekend I was staying in Jacksonville, Florida.  At 10am on a Saturday morning I went to a public beach with a cooler full of beer and a blanket.  My only plan was to drink some beers.  Around 11am, an entire crew of workers arrived at the beach and start setting up for a surf competition.  As it turned out, I had a great seat to an all day party.  That was some luck!

Or at least I thought it was luck.  The problem became clear on my cab ride home that I stayed at the beach too long.  So long in fact that my suntan lotion wore off and I burned my entire body!  All of my skin turned bright red, and eventually the top layer peeled off pretty bad. And just like that, two burns in the sand in one week!



The Captain

The Captain Brother Is Winning High School

My brother the comedian figured out how to get through his high school projects with only a video camera and a few jokes.



Smart move.



The Captain

The Captain Identifies Problems And Provides Solutions

I’m tired of hearing about the rebound on Wall Street; only the rich are gaining wealth right now.  Corporate earnings have risen at an annualized rate of 20.1 percent since the end of 2008, but disposable income inched ahead by 1.4 percent annually over the same period.

As a percentage of national income, corporate profits stood at 14.2 percent in the third quarter of 2012, the largest share at any time since 1950, while the portion of income that went to employees was 61.7 percent, near its lowest point since 1966.  Or to put it another way – The rich are taking too much and not leaving enough for everyone else.

But fear not, as I am hardly a lazy college kid too baked to come up with a solution.  Here’s my proposed plan to solve this problem.


too much



The Captain

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