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The Captains Unexpected $150 Lunch

So today was my first day back on booze, so of course I headed straight to a liquor store on my lunch break.




JK! In actuality I went to Lukas Liquor Superstore to have my buddy @timgreco help me pick out a gift for Captain Mike’s birthday this weekend.  When I returned to my car, I discovered that it would not start.  My key slid into the ignition just fine, but it wouldn’t budge from the locked position.  I spent a good hour trying everything I could think of to get the key to budge.  Timmy ever scrounged up a can of WD40


 wd spray


But nothing would get my damn key to turn.  After a fruitless hour it finally occurred to me how to solve the problem.  Chad wouldn’t start because he was mad about my blog post last week, the one where I named him after Nickleback’s lead singer.  And I could understand Chad’s anger; not many would take that as a compliment.

But I meant it as a good thing.  While being predictable and ordinary is bad for a band, it’s actually great for a car.  So I decided to apologize to Chad for the perceived slight.  Sensing that Chad accepted my apology, I began trying to fix the problem in a hurry.  By this point I had been in my car for over an hour, and I was parked in a 30 minute tow zone.  Worse, I was parked directly in front of a Chuck E Cheese and my windows were starting to fog over.


 chuck e creeper


Creep zone alert!  I went about speedily making some inquiries, trying my damnedest to avoid having to tow my car.  I quickly found the number of a mobile locksmith mechanic and ½ hour later he was parked in front of my car and ready to solve the problem.


 30 minute


The locksmith mechanic discovered that the ignition was stuck and he actually had to rip apart the steering column to remove it.


steering column


It was nice to know that there was way I could’ve have fixed it by myself.  When I was finally able to leave, I was down by 3 hours and $150.  But more importantly, I think Chad and I had come to an understanding.  So a big thanks to Chad for his understanding.

And this is how you remind me

Of what I really am.




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