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The Captain Goes Phishing For Trolls

If you know me, you know that I love a good divisive opinion.  There is an article making the rounds this week titled “Phish Has Been A Band For Thirty Years And They Have Sucked The Whole Time.”  Follow this link and read it for yourself, and then read the inevitable backlash article here.  Then meet me back here.

Glad your back, we’ve got plenty to discuss. Let’s start by acknowledging that this article is obviously poorly written.  The author goes out of his way to burn the fanbase, which is somewhat funny buy mostly just lazy.  There are plenty of good arguments against Phish, none of which are presented here.

Taking huge shots against a dedicated fanbase like this seems pretty stupid.   I’ve known some really fun Phish super fans, and I’ve also known some dirty losers and some Trustafarians.  I’d say you can’t judge a band by its fans, but Insane Clown Posse and its army of dimwitted Juggalos has effectively killed this argument.  So I’ll give you the fact that a large group of unwashed hippies is a bit offputting.


hippie hug


As far as the music argument I’m so where inbetween.  I liked the band’s output in the mid-nineties.  From Picture of Nectar through Hoist and Billy Breathes is when I understood what Phish was going for.  I haven’t really cared for anything they’ve released after Billy Breathes.

I will also admit that I don’t really get the live jam band experience like some people do.  The only time I’ve seen Phish live was at Riverport Amphitheater in 1998, and I found the show generally agreeable.  I usually prefer a more structured live experience from bands, but I get the appeal.  Especially for those partaking in certain substances.

So while I don’t think Phish and its fanbase are amazing, I do think they are mostly harmless and don’t deserve this kind of wrath.

What are your thoughts?



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