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The Captain Is Ready to #OccupyGreendale

Another Thursday nite in St. Louis and the same stupid move from @KSDK

Newschannel 5 seems determined to let Community wither on the dying vine that is Thursday comedy on NBC.  This makes the fourth season in a row that KSDK has preempted Community for local programming.  But I’m sure that a show struggling for ratings appreciates being bumped to late Sunday nite in one of the Top 25 markets in America.  It’s madness!




And every time it makes less sense.  This time it was for a repeat of a local show about the good work being done in a local hospital.  But it was a REPEAT of a local show going against an original network show.  In fact, the next two ½ hour comedies were both a REPEAT, and the horrible comedy on at 8:30 has much worse ratings.  And don’t even get me started on how NBC has trashed the old E.R. spot on Thursday nite.  That stink bomb they tried to launch in February got some of the lowest numbers ever for a network debut.  Check out the Twitter feed of that show, Do No Harm, a mere 5 weeks after the second and last show that aired.


do no harm


First off, how do 2,500 people still follow this feed?  And second, check out that promoted tweet.  NBC had to pay for that tweet to be sent out to clog everyone’s twitter feed, and it only got 1 favorite!  What a complicated way to flush away money!  I used to love Thursday nites on NBC, now I pray that the death is painless.



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