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The Captains Sports Week Spring 2013: Basketball In The Sunshine

It’s day two of #SportsWeek here at Captains Quarters, with a special #2ForTuesday look at basketball in Florida.  Because when it comes to basketball, I’m cheering for the Florida team.

You see, growing up I had very strong loyalties to specific teams in baseball, football and hockey.  But my basketball alliances were pretty open.  My favorite team was the Spurs during the David Robinson years.  And of course I liked the Bulls in the 90s.  But it took moving down to Florida for me to find teams to claim.

Basketball has been popular in Florida for a number of years; it’s one of only three states with two NBA franchises.  But lately basketball has become huge in Florida.  I was living in Florida when the Gators won the Tournament and when the Heat won for the first time.  The state went wild both times, and I was happy to get swept up in the excitement.  But it wasn’t until LeBron took his talents to South Beach that I was ready to pledge my allegiance.  As I mentioned during Sports Week last year, I loved LeBron’s heel turn with Miami.

And if LeBron and D-Wade together was amazing to watch then, 2013 really upped the stakes.  With 27 wins-in-a-row this season and only six more till the record.  Let’s go Heat!



It may be sports week, but man am I tired of hearing about March Madness!   I only sporadically care about what’s going on in the NBA, so a minor league tournament of basketball gets very little attention from me.  The year, the only story of the Tournament that I enjoyed was Saint Louis University lost to Florida Gulf Coast University.

Around my town the SLU basketball season has been frequently discussed.  I could care less, as I generally mock graduates of SLU.  So hearing that the Billikins lose to an underdog from Fort Myers put a smile on my face.  SLU is where I was dumped by ex-girlfriends; Fort Myers is where I was married.


Fort Myers


So from now on I’m cheering for the team from Florida.  Who is with me?



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