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The Captains Cabin Trip Entertainment


The Cabin Trip is over, but I’m not ready to stop the party.  So here’s a couple of track on #2ForTuesday that we were bumping all weekend.  First up is Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis



Next is Entertainment by Phoenix



Neither is as majestic as Get Lucky, but unlike Ron Swanson there is only so many times I can listen to Daft Punk in a row!



The Captain

The Captains Cabin Trip Summary

Cabin Trip 2013.




The Captain

The Captain Essential Cabin Supplies: 2013 Edition

Tomorrow is 4/20, which means it that time of year again.  Cabin Trip!

Ever since my first Cabin Trip back in 2001 I’ve taken the idea seriously.  Which means I need to stock up on supplies.  The kids are calling it glamping these days, and I’m fine with it.  Last year I dedicated a Friday 5 to all the equipment I obtained for the trip, so let’s have another go at it for 2013.


Top 5 Items Purchased For The Cabin Trip


1.  We’re up all nite to get lucky

If we’re mostly gonna sit by the fire and talk about music, might as well bring some fresh tunes.  And they don’t get much fresher that this disc full of new music from 2013.


420 get lucky


The title track is Daft Punk’s amazing new single Get Lucky.  It dropped at 12:01 this morning, and it instantly became the official theme of the Cabin Trip.  The song it so fresh, the only place I can link to it online is this video from a Dutch morning DJ.  Ha!



2.  Official Sponsor

Not only will all attendees be receiving a mix tape, they’ll also get a can coozy from the Cabin Trip’s official sponsor, Rinawear.


rina can


3.  A handy pair of shades

I found the perfect pair of shades for a weekend such as this and they were only $5!


bottle glasses 1


What makes them so perfect for Cabin Weekend?  The built in bottle openers!


bottle glasses 2


4.  Glow in the dark

A cabin in the middle of the woods is many things, but it is mostly certainly one thing – dark after the sun sets.  I learned at one of my favorite events last year, LoloFest 30, that glow sticks do wonders for addressing this problem.  So I’m stocking up tonite.  And our first pitstop on Saturday off of I-44 is one of the numerous fireworks stands for some sparklers.  All of these combined with the giant sized gypsy bonfire will make for a brite nite on Saturday!


5.  A hoodie with plans

I picked up a new hoodie on the clearance rack at Kohls today for a cool $12.


purple hoodie


While it doesn’t look all that remarkable yet, I’ve got a great idea for it that Ludlow is gonna help me with tomorrow before we leave.  You’ll see what I mean next week.

Well, time to finish packing and get some sleep.  I’m gonna need it!



The Captain

The Captain Supports This Filibuster

I was already excited for two episodes of Parks and Recreation tonite, but this extended outtake they pre-released really took it to a whole other level.



And as funny as Patton Oswalt is in this clip, any self respecting geek knows that crossovers never work.




The Captain

The Captain Had Different Greens In Mind

As part of my #WaybackWednesday look at my Year On The Road, I want to look at more than just the places I visited.  Lots of other things were occurring in my life at the time that are worth discussing.  But first, here’s a picture of me grimacing at a Caesar salad from April 20th, 2003.


war on vegetables


In this picture I am eating lunch with Kristi in Nashville and I’m attempting to make peace with vegetables.  After a long fought war against anything leafy and green that lasted all of my adolescence, 2003 was the year I finally negotiated a cease fire.

Spending 2-3 weeks at a time on the road meant eating out all of the time and all on my boss’ dime.  Which was pretty cool once I got over the awkwardness of repeatedly asking for a table for one.  It gave me the opportunity to try lots of different restaurants and lots of different types of food.  The first couple of months I mostly ordered expensive steak and seafood dishes.  But pretty quickly I discovered that heavy meals and long drives aren’t the best for my body.  Eventually I decided that if my metabolism was didn’t resemble that of my youth then neither should my diet.

It was good timing, since I had every day to order something new.  I started small with salads and side orders of green beans; eventually I discovered several vegetables that I enjoy, like broccoli, cauliflower and squash.  It took me a long time to embrace vegetables, and I still struggle with a few of them.  But ten years later I’m glad that I finally made peace.  I’ll still always prefer a burger to a salad, but at least now I order my burger with lettuce and tomato.




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