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The Captain Is Fooled Twice

April Fools Day was one of my favorite days as a kid.  I loved pranking my little sister.  As an adult, I’ve resisted the urge to prank in the name of good karma.  This year it didn’t matter, as I was hit twice yesterday.  It made for a bad day, but a great #2ForTuesday story.

On a typical workday I take I-170 north to I-64 west to head home.  Yesterday I noticed that I-170 north was at a dead stop for the evening rush hour, so I headed south to take an alternate route home.  I was feeling pretty clever for avoiding the traffic, right up until I saw a small metal object in the middle of the road.  Unfortunately I was not able to avoid it, and my front-right tire paid the price.

I exited the highway quickly, and found a gas station suitable for changing my tire.



The gas station was only about a mile from the auto shop I usually patronize, so I quickly threw on the spare tire.  But Chad had different plans for me.  The spare tire for my car was a dud, so I only got a few hundred feet before I was forced to pull over on the side of a hill.  Megan was with me by this point, so we loaded the original flat tire in the trunk of her car and drove the short distance to the auto shop.  Since it was the end of the business day, I planned to drop off the tire and leave my car on the side of the road overnite to fix the tire problem on Tuesday.  Everything seemed fine, right up until the check tire light came on in Meg’s Prius.

Unbelievably, Meg had also managed to run over something sharp and now had a slow leak in her driverside-rear tire.  We both got a flat tire in the span of about 20 minutes!

The slow leak in Meg’s tire was more manageable, so we pointed the Prius west and crossed our fingers.  We had to make two more pitstops for air on the way, but we eventually made it to a tire place right by our house.  Thankfully, Meg’s mother was available to let our dogs out and give us a ride home.

So three hours after I left work on April Fools Day I finally arrived at home with my wife and neither of our cars.  We both took today off from work to sort the situation out.  A special thanks to our friend Rachel for giving me a lift today to deal with this mess.

Next year I’m going to be much more cautious on April Fools Day, as it seems like all of my past pranks are coming back to haunt me.



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