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The Captains Heart Goes Out To Hazelwood

Some strong storms blew through St. Louis last nite and the damage in my neighborhood was pretty remarkable.

 tree damage Shingle damage



That tree was almost two years old! And a shingle on my roof is loose!

While my neighborhood was spared, my hometown was not so lucky.  A tornado touched down in Hazelwood on Wednesday nite and did some real damage.  Check out a gallery of the damage here.

The main damage was on Howdershell and Lynn Haven, which hits home for me.  Howdershell was the main drag in town from the time I was grade school through high school.  My Aunt Jackie lives about ½ mile from there.  And the damage on Lynn Haven is almost too much to believe.  My Brother-in-Law grew up right in the middle of the houses that were damaged, along with several good friends from high school.

And speaking of high school, check out what the wind did to Hazelwood West.




It blew the goal post down!  It knocked the L out of Wildcats!  As a friend on Facebook joked, maybe they should replace it with an “N” so is says WINDCATS.

But all joking aside, my heart goes out to the families affected by this tornado.  Luckily there were no deaths last nite.  I wish Hazelwood has a speedy and safe recovery.



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