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The Captain Is Glad To Be Back Home

There’s been a lot of anniversaries recently, and there are still more to come.  So many that I almost forgot that this month marks five years since I moved back to St. Louis from Florida.

Back in 2008 I was kinda sad to be moving back to Missouri.  Meg and I really liked the beach lifestyle in Florida and we were reluctant to leave it.  But over time we grew to love being back in our hometown. By this point the only way I’m moving down to Florida is after I retire.  There’s a lot to love about living in St. Louis, which is today’s topic for #Friday5


Top 5 Reasons I’m Happy That I Moved Back To St. Louis 5 Years Ago


1.  The Friends

I made a couple of good friends down in Florida1, which is approximately 100 less than I have here in St. Louis.  Over the past five years I’ve been consistently surprised at just how many cool people I know here in town.  And as an added bonus, a couple of my good friends actually moved to St. Louis in the past couple of year.  Plus, I continually make new friends and catch up with folks I haven’t seen in years.  My social calendar is already packed for this year and it’s only April!


2.  The Food

While the fresh seafood in Florida was great, everything else was pretty bland.  By contrast, St. Louis has delicious food no matter what the cuisine type.  The Italian is amazing, the Barbecue is award winning, the Mexican is delicious and plentiful and the Pizza is my favorite.  But the best thing about the food in St. Louis is how many of the restaurants are locally owned and operated.


3.  The Cardinals

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of the Cardinals. And being away from St. Louis made me realize how much I missed being near my favorite team.  Watching the Cardinals win the 2006 World Series in Florida was almost too much to bear.  I was SO JEALOUS of everyone in St. Louis, and it left me determined to be a part of the next time.  Luckily I only had to wait till 2011!


4.  Cost Of Living

St. Louis is pretty damn affordable.  My wife and I both have jobs we like with modest salaries and we are able to afford a spacious house in a desirable part of town.  This would not be possible in many towns in America, and especially not in Florida.


5.  The Family

These past five years have been important for family.  Moving back home was worth it alone for the time I’ve been able to spend with my relatives.  Megan and I were able to enjoy the last years of her father and grandmother, as well as my grandmother.  I’m so glad we were around to spend time with them before they left.  I believe it made saying goodbye easier to accept.

And watching my brothers grow through their awkward teenage years has been a hoot.  When we moved back to St. Louis my brothers had just turned 12 and 15.  This year they turn 17 and 20 and they’re still changing all the time.

Tonite in particular is a good example.  Meg and I went to watch my brother Charile in his high school’s production of Kiss Me Kate.  Check out this wiseguy!


Charlie Wiseguy


Charlie had my favorite character type, the comic bad guy.  He even got to sing a bad guy song, just like I did 19 years prior.  It doesn’t get much better than that, and it doesn’t get much better than St. Louis in my book.  I’m glad to be back home where I belong.



The Captain



1.  Amir and Rob will be down in Florida waiting for me when in retire, which is only twenty short years away at this point!

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