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The Captains And His Cousin Are Floridian

I’ve got a week full of events so I’ll be putting off the recap of The Cabin Trip.  Instead, let me tell the story of the beginning of another trip as I continue on #WaybackWednesday with Year On The Road.

Here’s me with my cousin Jessica at Clearwater Beach on April 24, 2003.


jess beach


Ten years ago today is the first time I ever spent a day hanging out with my cousin.  As the only cousin I had on my father’s side, I hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know her.  Like me, she was born in the northeast and then moved away when her parents spilt.  Whereas I went to Missouri, she went to the Florida.  Looking back after having lived in Florida I can see it must’ve been a tough place to grow up.  Kids are second class citizens, and seniors are first.

This week in 2003 I was heading down to Tampa after a pitstop in Nashville.  I was just beginning what was to be a massive month long trip.  The first leg was in Tampa at the wedding of my Aunt Carol, my dad’s younger sister.  Since I was driving down past Jessica’s town on my way I volunteered to give her a ride down to the big city.  I remember her space cadet mother insisted that I come inside the house and see her pet tarantula.  That now strikes me as very Floridian.

We arrived down in Tampa on the 24th, and Jess and I headed straight to Clearwater beach.  The weather was nice and we were both anxious to work on our tans.  Also very Floridian.

Since my sister bailed on the wedding so she could finish finals and graduate on time, that left me and Jess and as the only folks to fill in the 15-30 bracket.  A couple of kids in a room full of adults for a whole weekend; I was grateful to have a partner.

I’m hoping to see Jess on the #EastCoastTrip in June, but she’s a busy girl as of late.  I keep track of her at @ScorpioQueen_1 and you should too; that girl tweets LIKE A BOSS.  Right now she’s in Egypt buying fabric for when she starts fashion school in New York this fall.




Girl has got her shit together!  Hope to see her soon.






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