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The Captain Loves His Cousin

It is with a very heavy heart that I mourn the loss of my cousin today.  Chrissy died this morning at the age of 28.  In honor of all the wonderful memories I shared with her, here’s a picture of us together from August 2005.


 goodbye cousin


This is a tragic loss of life, and I am left heartbroken.  I’ll be back next Wednesday to memorialize her.  Until then, rest in peace sweet cousin.




The Captain

The Captain 2 For Tuesday Squared

This week I’m going super-efficient on #2ForTuesday with my favorite folkie, Laura Marling.  Her amazing new album, Once I Was An Eagle, was released today and it’s my new favorite.  Laura decided to make one long video for the wonderful first four songs on the album together and it’s definitely worth watching.  That’s four songs for the price of one!  Here’s  When Brave Bird Saved




The Captain

The Captain Gets Arrested Again

Yesterday was the day I’ve been waiting for – Arrested Development Season 4!  Our friends Chris and Jen are super fans, so of course they hosted a watch party last nite, complete with goofy t-shirts and banners




And Frozen Bananas for everyone!


 frozen banana


We made it through 3 episodes together before we broke up to cram in some more episodes at home.  As of tonite we’re over half way through, just finishing the 9th out of 15 episodes.  I predict we will finish the season before the weekend.  Three cheers for the return of the Bluths!

The Captain Loves Daft Ken

My favorite character on Mad Men is Ken Cosgrove from Accounts.  And this past Sunday, Ken did a bunch of drugs and danced.  I didn’t think it got much more awesome than that.  But the internet managed to top it by adding some Daft Punk!  Enjoy!




The Captain

The Captain Is Ready For The Origin

My fall was already looking super busy with Grand Theft Auto V, and now it’s about to get more crowded with Batman: Arkham Origins.




The Captain

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