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The Captain Goes On A College Mission

Last week for #WaybackWednesday I continued with my Year On The Road trip to my Aunt’s wedding in Tampa.  This week finds me headed to my college town of Springfield, MO for my sister’s graduation.  Back in 2001 all my family and friends made a big deal of celebrating my graduation from college, and I loved every minute of it.  So when it came time for my sister to graduate I was determined to do the same for her.  To that end, I came to Springfield a week prior to her graduation to take a bunch of photos and shoot lots of film for a graduation video.  But mostly I was in town to party with Cathie’s crazy friends and take some good pictures like these.

First up is Cathie and Katie from May 8th, 2003.




This under lit picture of Cathie and Katie was taken at our favorite bar, Culley’s.  It was a Thursday nite, which meant Allen Ross was singing our favorite bar tunes and the Jagermeister was flowing.  It didn’t get much better than that in college.

Next up is Cathie and Hulvey at a house party afterwards.




Hulvey was usually the only other guy that would come to Culley’s with us, which always puzzled me.  The place was full of drunk chicks, and yet we could never get any other guys to come with us.  It still doesn’t make sense.

And here Cathie with Krystal at the same house party.


 Cath & Krys


This was the first time I met Krystal and her now husband, Faht.  Despite attending college with them for 3 years, we never managed to meet.  In the ten years since we’ve become great friends, and they’re now the reigning MVPs of city living in St. Louis.

Finally, here’s Cathie and I the aforementioned afterparty.


Cathie College


Damn we look young and tan!  What I remember most about this nite was sneaking off with all of Cathie’s friends to make plans for the graduation video I was shooting.  Over the course of the next week I was able to record messages from of her friends at various significant locations around town, and Hulvey was able to edit them into a killer VHS montage we watched at her graduation party next week.  I had an absolute blast hanging out with Cathie and her friends, and the end product turned out even better than expected.  Check back next week for graduation, and maybe even the video if I can make it happen!





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