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The Captains Mothers Day Game 2013

A while back Meg had a great idea for Mother’s Day and bought tickets for the Cardinals game on that Sunday.  It was such a good idea that I stole it and did the same for my mother.  It worked out well as the four of had brunch at the house yesterday before heading downtown for the game.  We met up with my sister, as well as my man D with his mom and sister.  Most of us were up in the nosebleeds while Meg and her mom were glamming it up on the lower level.


mothers day hat


As you can see, it was ladies floppy hat day at the game.  It was a good look for almost everyone in attendance except yours truly.


 no floppy hat


The game itself was a real dud, as the Cardinals were losing the whole time and didn’t get their first hit until after the 7th inning.  I was up in the nosebleeds in the 8th inning debating on leaving early when I got this picture in a text from Meg.


Ball catch


Holy smokes! Meg caught a foul ball!


mothers day ball


Except not really.  In reality she was texting with me and didn’t notice the foul pop-up until it hit her in the leg.  Ha!  I went back to check the game on my DVR to check if we could see the hit, but it was off camera.  So here is a dramatic reenactment of the hit.


foul reenactment


Ha! It was a big ending to a great Mothers Day at the ballpark. I think we may have a new tradition!



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