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The Captains Sister Graduates College

Last week for #WaybackWednesday I continued with my Year On The Road trip and the preparation for my sister’s graduation.  This week it’s ceremony time!  Let’s start with a picture of my sister and her friend Katie at the Southwest Missouri State graduation ceremony on May 16, 2003.

cathie and katie grad


My family all made the trip down to Springfield to help Cathie celebrate and we made quite a weekend of it.  Here we are with my kid brothers and my cousins Chrissy and Jimmy.


 cousin grad


You can even see my beaming mother and late grandmother in the background.  It was a big day for the whole family, no matter how much trivializing I did with her degree.


college trivalizing


The ceremony was fun, but the graduation party at my sister’s house was what I remember most.  My dad sprung for a keg of beer from Brown Derby and my sister’s friends managed to float that bad-boy before the nite was over.  Not surprising, especially considering how much was used for drinking games.  Her friends were quite the flip cup competitors, which culminated in an epic 6 man race between the men & women.  Here’s the victorious women’s team


 girls flip cup


And a stunned men’s team after the loss


 boys flip cup


We also had a viewing of the graduation video that I put together, which I am still working on putting on YouTube.  Hopefully I can put it up by the end of the week.

The other thing I remember about this weekend was my graduation gift to my sister.  I wrote a check to her landlord for her last month’s rent on the condition that Cathie move back to St. Louis by the end of June.  I saw firsthand that Springfield became a trap to those who chose to stay after graduating from college.  I got quite a bit of pushback from Cathie on this, as I know she was not ready to leave her college life.  But my insistence won out and she moved back to St. Louis that summer.

Cathie had a hard time adjusting real life after college, but she eventually figured out how to spread her wings.  Now it’s ten years after and she has a great job and a wedding to plan.  Looking back a decade later I’m glad she learned how to fly away.


learn to fly



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