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The Captains Great Flood

Tomorrow marks the 20th Anniversary of the Great Flood of 1993.  The Mississippi River crested in front of the Gateway Arch on August 1st at 49 feet 58 inches, just shy of 50 feet.


 flood 1993


I remember that summer vividly, so I went digging to see if I could find any pictures and came across this gem.  Here’s me and my sister gawking at the flood on the top steps of the Gateway Arch for #WaybackWednesday


 Flood 93


At the time I was a month shy of my 15th birthday, trying to look cool in my Magneto t-shirt.  My sister was rocking a Fido Dido t-shirt, like she did every other day back when she was 13.  My mom took us to see flood waters all over Missouri, as that was a common form of recreation in St. Louis that summer.  Pose in front of the natural disaster, kids.

As you can see in the picture, the Arch grounds were crowded with numerous other spectators.  The whole town was crazy with Flood Fever that summer.  Newschannel 5 had everyone whipped up into a frenzy with Flood Watch ’93.


 floodwatch 93


Back in those days the significance of a 100-year weather event was pretty important.  Nowadays it seems like there is a major disaster every year thanks to the ravages of Global Warming.

With the riverboats now gone from the Arch riverfront, the plaques like this are one of the few ways to remember that summer when the flood water washed over St. Louis.


 august 1st 1993


But I still remember where I was that summer, twenty years ago, each and every time I go downtown to visit the Arch grounds.  My family & me & the Flood of ’93.



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