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The Captain Is Dancing On Pills

The wisdom tooth removal was a success!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got several bottles of pain pills to ingest.




Let’s get loopy!







The Captain

The Captain Is Losing His Wisdom

One of my favorite holidays is almost here, but this year my Labor Day is going to suck.  And all because of this little guy right here.


wisdom tooth


That is a picture of my lower left wisdom tooth that is growing in sideways.  I’ve known for years that I had one stupid tooth might be a problem one day.  But it wasn’t until earlier this month that it started to be a problem.  After a day of some mild grinding pain, I went to my dentist and scheduled an appointment for removal.  Unfortunately the only block of time I had available was Labor Day weekend.  So tomorrow at 8:45 in the morning I’m getting this little shithead tooth removed and spending the rest of the weekend on the couch recovering.  So looks like it’s time to download a bunch of movies and plan for a long weekend indoors.  Groan.



The Captain

The Captain Is Going Back To Cali

My Year On The Road involved quite a bit of driving but it was usually bunched together into a couple of states at a time.  All except for the massive six week trip I left for back in August 2003.  In two weeks time, I drove south through Oklahoma down to Texas, and then headed west through New Mexico and Arizona on my way to California.  It was a hell of a lot of driving through a scorching hot group of states that was quite memorable.  And at the end of my drive was an old friend and a hell of a good time in San Diego.  So for #WaybackWednesday here’s a pic of me with LJ and Amie


surf shack


This was taken a few hours after I rolled into town on Friday, August 29th in 2003.  It was only my second time ever in California, so of course I wanted to see the beach right away.  We headed down to a surf shack and watched the sun set with a few drinks and a lot of excitement.  By the time we rolled back to LJ’s place it was early in the morning and we were all exhausted.


California Nites


And that was just the first twelve hours!  Over the next five days I had pretty much non-stop fun in the sun, all leading up to my 25th birthday.  But a good chunk of the stories are not really printable here.  So ask me about them next time you see me and I might tell you a good one.  But for now I’m happy to just remember that initial feeling of glee arriving at the beach after spending two weeks in the desert.  Thanks to LJ it was totally worth the drive!





The Captain

The Captains Ladies Of Summer

Women are rocking so hard this summer and I’m loving it.  Here’s a couple of my favorites on #2ForTuesday

First up is Master Hunter by Laura Marling



And definitely check out Falling by Haim




The Captain

The Captains Other Final Season

Last Monday I was geeking out about the premiere of the final season of my favorite television show.  This week I’m geeking out over the premiere of the final season of my favorite podcast.


 were alive


I just finished listening to the beginning of Season 4 of We’re Alive – A Story Of Survival and I’m still full of nervous energy.  This long and detailed story of surviving a zombie apocalypse is gearing up for a finale that is sure to amaze. It’s the only possible reason to look forward to Mondays, and it’s not too late to get caught up on the story.  Check out to get started, before it’s too late!




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