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The Captain Wants To Be The Cool Uncle

I almost forgot to mention that my niece and nephew are in town for a couple of weeks!  Megan’s sister and her family are moving back to Virginia after spending the past three years living abroad, and they are all in town visiting.  Last Saturday Meg and I got to spend the day with Elizabeth and Ben.  We took them to go see the latest Percy Jackson movie at the new West Olive theater, and then spent a couple of hours at the Chesterfield City Water Park.  Here’s a pic of Benny and I enjoying the lazy river.




I’m super excited that the kids are back in America and that I will start to see them more often.  Hard to believe they are already 11 and 8 years old!  Hopefully we will have lots of fun times ahead.  I’ve got lots of time to make up for if I ever hope to be known as the cool uncle!





The Captain

The Captains Dueling Banjos

Two of my favorites back together again!



I love love love this!



The Captain

The Captains Family Is Poolside

One of the best parts of this summer has been Family Sunday over at my mom’s house.  All the turmoil this year has really brought my family here in St. Louis closer together.  And my mother’s backyard pool has been ideal for this kind of gathering.  She’s been hosting the whole family on Sunday afternoons and it’s had quite a turn out.  Here’s a couple of pic from the past few Sundays.







What a motley crew!  My mother has been putting a lot of work over the years into making her backyard a good spot for family gatherings, and I’m glad to see it’s finally paying dividends.


I went digging into my Year On The Road pictures stash to see if I had any relatable pictures and I found this great pic of my sister and I for #WaybackWednesday


 old deck


This was taken in April of 2003, a little over a year after my mother moved into her new house.  Back then the pool wasn’t open and the deck was in pretty rough shape.  In the decade plus since then it’s transformed into a fun spot for all kinds of events.  My sister even recently had her bridal shower poolside.


poolside at moms

drink up


So cheers to my mom and her backyard.  I’ll see you again on Sunday!




The Captain

The Captain Summer Has Rocked

There’s been so much good music this summer and I haven’t had a chance to share any of it yet!!!  Let’s get to rocking already with #2ForTuesday


First up is Evil Friends by Portugal The Man



Next up is Bruane Brenn by Kvelertak





The Captain

The Captain Has Been Waiting For A Hit

The season premiere of Breaking Bad last nite was so damn good I can hardly believe it.  I’ve been watching it live since the beginning of the second season and I’m amazed at how it just keeps getting better.  The last scene from the premiere was perfect.


tread lightly


That fade to black was just as powerful as I’ve come to expect.  After waiting a year for a resolution it’s awesome to get such a big payoff.  I’m sure I’ll have much more to say as the final season races forward.




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