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The Captain Bombs The Mets

My #EastCoastTrip was one for the record books.  I packed so many amazing memories into two weeks’ worth of time that it’s almost hard to believe.  But the highlight among highlights on the trip was the Cardinals-Mets game at Citi Field on June 13.

As it turns out, ten years ago this week I had another amazing experience at a Cardinals-Mets game in NYC.  So first let’s take a trip down memory lane for a #WaybackWednesday on the same topic.  Here’s me and @MarcPS at Shea Stadium on August 3, 2003.




I spent a couple of weekends in Manhattan with my buddy @MarcPS and his wife in August 2003, and we were lucky enough to see a couple of great baseball games.  The Saturday, August 2 game was extremely memorable, with the Cards winning the game 10-9.  Rookie sensation Bo Hart had 4 RBIs and catcher Mike Matheny had 4 RBIs too.  The Cardinals had a commanding lead for the whole game, until closer Jason Isringhausen gave up 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th and nearly lost the game.  It was a super rowdy game that I remember quite well.

Fast forward ten years and I had the same plan with @MarcPS for a summer afternoon Cardinals-Mets game.   I arrived in NYC for the week on Monday and we had plans to meet up for the Thursday afternoon game at Citi Field.

Unfortunately, it rained every day during my trip.  The local weather forecast was predicting a 100% chance of rain on Thursday, but sunny skies on Wednesday nite.  It looked like the best course of action would be to reschedule for the Wednesday nite game.  However, I scored some last minute tickets to the Daily Show on Wednesday, so a reschedule was out of the question.1

The weather was gorgeous on Wednesday, so @MarcPS decided to go to Wednesday’s game with my friend Stephanie.  She had just flown into La Guardia to attend Thursday’s game, and had just enough time to catch Wednesday’s game too.

By Thursday morning, the terrible predictions looked to be accurate.  By noon it had been raining for 12 hours.  All of the New York locals that were planning on attending the game like @MarcPS and @TMO_NYC got scared off by the rain.  So Steph and I headed to Citi Field just the two of us, hoping for a miracle.

Somehow, the clouds magically parted and the rain went away just in time for first pitch.


Citi Field Crop


Even better, the rain had scared away most of the fans, so we were able to get 2 tickets for cheap.  We wound up a few rows behind the Mets dugout!


citi field

We sat in our seats and heckled the Mets fan for a few innings.  But eventually we decided to try and move over behind the visitor’s dugout.  Steph sweet-talked the Cops at the entrance into letting us down behind the dugout.  Score!  On our way down the walkway to the visitors’ dugout, I spotted a camera man pointing a shoulder-mounted video camera at a family sitting alone.  I correctly figured that they were waiting for the inning to finish before cutting to the camera man for a segment on the Jumbotron.  I told Steph to point her camera at the Jumbotron, and I snuck down to the row of seats behind the family in question.  When the inning was over, the video camera went live and I was on the Jumbotron at Citi Field just long enough to photobomb these Mets fans.




The rest of the game was pretty spectacular, with Cardinals Ace Adam Wainwright outpitching rookie sensation Matt Harvey 2-1.  But photobombing the Mets fans on their own jumbotron made it a highlight among highlights.

There are 12 more hours of story from that day alone, not to mention 2 more weeks’ worth of great stories from my #EastCoastTrip  But you’ll have to wait as those stories will be rolled out over the weeks ahead.  For now I want to say thanks to the St. Louis Cardinals for a couple of great games in New York.

The Captain



1. Not only was the Daily Show taping amazing, I actually got picked first to ask Jon Oliver a question from the audience!

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