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The Captain Always Has A Place To Stay

Captain Mike Week is going back 10 years to the Summer of 2003 for #WaybackWednesday

Here’s Captain Raoul and Captain Mike from June 13, 2003.


Captains in Kansas


This picture was taken at Captain Mike’s house in Kansas City one of the many times I crashed in his guest room.  He was a good friend to have back in 2003.  I spent countless weeks at a time in Kansas traveling for my job, and Mike was always my place to crash.  I would call him on like a Wednesday Afternoon and say “Hey, can I crash at your place until Friday?”  He never once turned me down, and I stayed with him at least once a month that whole year.

Captain Mike taught me a lot of things about friendship, chief of which is offering a place to stay no matter what the occasion.  And as it turned out, Captain Mike was a generous host back when he lived by himself in Kansas City.  Drinks till the early morning and stories of debauchery that are typical of 2 men in their mid-twenties.  He’s was a real break out the good liquor for guests kinda guy, and he still is to this day.

In the 10 years since this picture was taken I’ve been lucky enough to see him at least once a year.  After all the moving both of us have done over the years, it’s been a lot of fun living together here in the Greater St. Louis Area.  Last year we were hanging out at least once a month, kind of like we did 10 years ago, and it was awesome.  As with a friend who is frequently on the move, I’ve learned to take advantage when he does have some time to socialize.

So let’s all take this opportunity to say thanks to Captain Mike for being such a stand-up guy for so many years.  Three cheers for Captain Mike!




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