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The Captains Weekend Was Laborious

How was your Labor Day weekend?  Mine was painful and nauseating, thanks to this little bastard wisdom tooth that wanted to grow in sideways.


wisdom tooth


The good news is that the wisdom tooth is gone for good.  The whole removal process took less than half an hour thanks to a generous helping of local anesthesia and a very determined oral surgeon.  The bad news is that the process left me wrecked.  The left side of my face has swollen to chipmunk size and I still have a massive cut on my lip from the surgeon yanking my mouth open to access the tooth.  I’m not sure what kind of fish hook he was using to open up my mouth, but it was by far the most painful part of the procedure and it left quite a gash that still hasn’t healed.

I was home from the wisdom tooth removal by noon on Friday, and I went straight to the couch where I’ve been ever since.  The pain hasn’t been too terrible thanks to a giant bottle of painkillers.  But the nausea has been a real monster.  I puked up a lot of blood Friday nite along with a lot of everything else, as it took a good twelve hours for the incision site in my mouth to stop bleeding.   And to think this was only from one tooth; taking out all four must really be a bitch!

The rest of my weekend has been pretty slow and pretty loopy.  Starting Saturday I’ve had three days straight of this


On the mend


Lying on the couch watching a bunch of dumb movies with the doggies.  Desmond has been determined to help me feel better.  Now after three days of soft food and taking it easy, I’m trying to prepare myself to go back to work tomorrow.   But between the swelling and bruises on my face and the fact that tomorrow is my birthday, I really just wanna stay home one more day.  Damn those four days flew by fast!




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