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The Captain Closes The Loop

Of all the days that come to mind when I think back ten years ago to my Year On The Road, one of the most vivid was my 25th birthday.  That was the day that I removed my nipple piercing for good.  Here’s a picture right before the ring removal for #WaybackWednesday


 nipple ring


This pictures was taken September 3, 2003 in my friend LJ’s apartment in San Diego.  It was almost exactly six years after LJ took me to get the piercing back in 1997.  Here we are hanging out by the beach a few day before the removal.1


25 & Alive


I originally decided to get the piercing on somewhat of a whim, so having LJ remove it on a whim just seemed to make sense.  It felt like a closing of the loop in more ways than one.  It’s now been a full ten years later and I’m pleased to look back and to see such a perfect closed circle.


After LJ removed the ring, I promptly put it in my bag and hopped in my car and headed north to Los Angeles.  I spent the rest of that day wandering around the walk of fame and taking in Hollywood.  What a great way to celebrate the first quarter century of my life!






The Captain



1.  I’m pretty sure this is the only existing picture of me with the ring piercing, as I almost always hid it from people.

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