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The Captain Gets On The Bandwagon Early


Are you ready for some football?!?

Up until now, the answer to that question has been a resounding no.  It has been a few  years since I actively followed football, and for good reason.  My three favorite teams haven’t had a winning record in past few seasons.  2010 was the last year that the Eagles and the Buccaneers had winning records, and for my hometown Rams it’s been since 2003.  With only lousy teams to cheer for, I’ve sat out the past few football seasons in favor of all baseball all the time.

The Rams have been terrible for so long that they’ve lost a lot of popular support here in St. Louis.  But this season, something has changed.  I get the feeling that good things are in store for the Rams, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon early to support the hometown team.   The positive change in the coaching team combined with a few years of good drafts has turned the Rams from has-beens into plucky young upstarts, and I want in at the ground floor.

Accordingly, I went to my first Home Opener yesterday and it kicked some serious ass.  Lucky for me I’m friends with a group of superfans who have been tailgating like professionals for several years now.  Senn and Volz go all out for tailgating, complete with tents, speakers and grilling.  And to say nothing of the drinks.


Rams shots


They managed to pack a good 20 people into a parking lot tent for a several hours of rowdy pre-gaming.


rams party


So much good times, none of which are printable here.  After the tailgate, it was time to stumble down to the Dome for some football.  My mom’s husband Paul picked up a couple of season tickets in the nosebleeds, and I already called dibs on half the games this season!  The seats are pretty decent


Opening day kickoff


And the crowd was pretty decent too.  Granted, there were still plenty of empty upper deck seats.  But considering how empty the Dome has been for Rams games the past few seasons it was a decent showing.  Plus, the Rams game was competing with a Cardinals game and LouFest for fans.  I think that the hometeam starts putting together some wins the fans will come back in force.

And speaking of wins, what a hell of a wins the Rams managed to pull out!  After a tied first half, the Rams gave up 14 points and looked to be down and out.  But an amazing fourth quarter comeback resulted in a last minute field goal to put the Rams ahead 27-24 for the win.  The crowd really came alive in the Dome for the 4th quarter, and went wild after the game ended.  Paul and I screamed ourselves hoarse we were so excited.


 Rams Win


It was a hell of a Kickoff and left me super excited for the Rams 2013 season.  I’m calling it now – the Rams are headed to the playoffs this year.  And I’m going to be there with them every step of the way.  The Captain, The Rams, and The US of A!


Rams Kickoff


Now who else is with me!?!



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