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The Captains Repeat Championship

I am the Champion!  I won first place in my Fantasy Baseball League!  Wild Turkeys win again!


 Wild Turkeys 2013


All of the hours spent tinkering with my team paid off for the second time in three years.  While I’m positive that I’m the only person that is excited by this win, please bear with me while I bask in the glory.  Because my win was anything but certain a few weeks ago.

When the regular season for Fantasy Baseball ended, I squeaked into the Playoffs as the #4 seed.  Which meant that I would be facing the #1 seed in the semi-finals.  This looked to be a tall task, as Black & Blue were absolutely dominant in the regular season.  But for some reason my hitters went on a tear that week and I clobbered the #1 seed for a decisive win in the semi-finals.


 Semis 2013


Going into the finals, I was matched against a #3 seed that looked very beatable on paper.  Thanks to a strong performance by my pitching staff, I dominated the early part of the finals.  But midway through finals my hitters collapsed and I was tied with SS Big Blocks at 6-6.  It stayed tied up until the last day, Sunday.  By the time yesterday evening rolled around, I was still tied with only the Cardinals-Brewers late game to give me hope.  But a solid performance from Matt Carpenter and Matt Adams put me over the top, and I finished out the finals with a decisive victory.


 finals 2013


And now Wild Turkeys stand alone as Champions!  It may not be a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I’m still riding high from the win.  And as an added bonus, I think the win bodes well for other baseball too.  For the last time I won at Fantasy Baseball in 2011, the Cardinals won the World Series too.  Is this an omen of good things to come?  Let’s hope so!



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