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The Captain’s Bad News Week – Day Four

Bad news week just keeps on trucking!  Today is day four and as promised, no more death!  Well, kinda.  I am sad to deport that Chad the PT Cruiser is dead.


pt cruiser


Or more accurately, Chad has met his end.  My car was totaled in an accident back in September.

I walked away unscathed, but everything else about it sucked.  The worst probably was the timing.  It happened two weeks before my sister’s wedding, which was not enough time to buy a new one.  This meant that I would be carless when my entire family came in town for a visit.  It was pretty embarrassing.  It was also the exact moment when I realized I need to take a break from the blog.  I was already feeling too busy with preparation for the wedding to blog, and going carless was the straw that broke the Captains back.  I was so busy the rest of the year that it took me a whole five months to make it back to Captains Quarters.

But losing my Cruiser was not all bad.  My new car is actually a new car and it is much nicer.  I am currently leasing a new 2014 Volkswagen Jetta and I love it!  This is the first non-American car I’ve driven regularly and it’s enjoyable.  I’ve always said I will never buy a non-American car, but this doesn’t count because it’s a lease.  I found a great price on a three year lease and so far I’m extremely satisfied.  Now all I need to do is come up with a good German sounding name for the new Volkswagen.  Klaus?  Hans-Dieter?  Wolfdietrich?

Oh, and also RIP Chad.  But no worries.  As Nickelback would say, I’m never gonna be alone.



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