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The Captain’s Bad News Week – Day Five

It’s the fifth and final day of Bad News Week!  Here’s the rest of the bad news from my five month break, now in a convenient Friday 5 post.


Top 5 Other Bits Of Bad News From The Past 5 Months

1.  I have not been taking good care of myself

ice cream


Being sad and super busy has taken a toll on my wellbeing.  Eating poorly and not staying active has left me out of shape and feeling run down all the time.  Feeling stressed and depressed makes it easy to put my health and wellbeing on the back burner.  Feeling fat and lazy is nothing new, but man is it getting old.  Also getting old: (and partly to blame for my inactivity)

2.  This Winter is awful




This winter in St. Louis has been the worst in over a decade.  Low temperatures and high snow fall amounts has really drug the whole city into a grouchy funk.  I’ve been dealing with miserable cold by staying indoors mostly and hibernating.  It’s hard to stay active when going outside is so miserable.  But warmer weather is in the forecast and this weekend is daylight savings time, so hopefully there is more light headed my way soon.

3.  My favorite statue is in peril

It should be apparent from the multiple pictures I’ve posted here that I love the Captain’s Return statue on Laclede’s Landing.  It honors two great men, has a wonderful name, and is a great gauge for rising water levels on the river.

Captains return under water 4

Captains return under water


But according to this recent article, the statue is under water too much and is starting to show signs of damage.  There may be a move in the near future, which is probably for the best.  I would hate for the statue to be destroyed, but I also love its current placement next to the Eads Bridge.  I will of course be following this story as it unfolds, so stay tuned for more updates.


4.  The Jeselnik Offensive was canceled

My favorite new show from 2013 was canceled!  I’m a big fan of Anthony Jeselnik and I adored his television show.  I’m a big fan of boiling jokes down to their purest form and The Jeselnik Offensive did this perfectly.  Such a waste of a great show.  Damn you Comedy Central!


5.  Splitting my life online

The time has finally come for me to split my social media presence into two separate accounts.  My Faceplace and my Schwitter profiles are officially getting divorced.  It’s time for me to be 100% separate IRL from Captain Raoul.  Trying to keep Captain Raoul unidentifiable has been challenging and has had a shitty effect on Captains Quarters.


blog drop


No more. As of today I’m making my double life official.  So for the first time, check out Captain Raoul on Facebook.  No turning back now!



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