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The Captains Kauai Week – Day One

Welcome back everyone.  I’ve got some good news:  Bad News Week is over!  Let’s head to Hawaii, because today I’m kicking off Kauai Week at Captains Quarters!

Well, I may have jumped the gun just now.  I should have said the bad news is almost over.  It’s more of a transition away from that, actually.  A little bit of last week is where I will start.  Last Wednesday I wrote about discovering the body of my neighbor after he took his own life.  What I didn’t mention is that this happened five hours before I left with Meg left for Hawaii.  I had taken the day off finish packing for my trip, and when I returned home around 2pm from running some last minute errands I made the ghastly discovery.  We spent a couple of hours assisting the police before we left for the airport for our 7pm flight.  A horrific jolt then off to paradise.

As you can imagine it made for a very traumatic start to our trip.  It initially knocked me back on my ass.  But I had lots of time to think on both of my 5-hour plane rides, and this is when I began to feel the sense of relief I mentioned last week.  Much like the East Coast Trip after the death of my cousin, the Kauai Trip was well suited to help me take my mind off of a very recent tragic event.  In fact, the trip itself was already planned as a way to say goodbye.  The trip was arranged for the purpose of spreading the ashes of Megan’s deceased father.  By the time November came it had been almost a year since the trip was booked and I was already looking forward to letting go of some grief.  The difficult months since then just meant that there was a lot more grief to release.

The ceremony for Megan’s father was beautiful and it helped me heal more than I would have imagined.  Meg, her mother and I chartered a boat to Shipwreck Beach for the ceremony.  Megan and her mother spread the ashes in the Pacific Ocean at sunset as a local chanter blessed the memory of her father.

AshesIt was an intensely moving experience for me and something that I will remember forever. 

k sunset

The profound feelings I experienced really helped me to say goodbye to everyone that I had lost over the course of the past year.  Honoring the dead is an important part of life and this ceremony helped make it possible for me to move on in my mind.  The sadness will always be there, but I was able to say goodbye to the pain and grief.  Kauai helped make it possible for me to move on, and for that I will always be grateful.  Stay tuned tomorrow for much more Kauai.



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