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The Captains Kauai Week – Day Two

Day two of Kauai Week is here and it’s finally time let the sun shine.  To the beach!


hawaii gif


My Kauai Trip lasted a solid week, which was a long time but still managed to feel short.  Meg and I arrived on the island on a Thursday afternoon and left the following Thursday nite.  One week that consisted of two parts.  The first leg of the trip we stayed at a private house rental and the second leg was spent at a resort.  So today I’ll cover the first part at the fancy house we rented.  This story begins, as so many of my stories do lately, with my wife going shopping.  Meg used to shop for a private home to rent.  With three of us on the trip including my mother in law it made sense to look for a place to share.  And with 3 of us splitting costs we were able to get a pretty amazing house.  The picture on the website made it look great, but in person it was totally amazing.  The house was situated up in the mountains in a private area where a bunch of rich people built homes.  Our rental was owned by two old hippies who made a bunch of money on construction in the States.  They lived up the street and maintained this house as a rental property.  And they knew what they were doing.  The view of the rock garden patio from the living room simply exquisite.

 kauai living room

kauai living room 2

And the rest of the yard was gorgeous too.

kauai yard

Rock Garden Final

With a bonus hot tub!

kauai hottub

The interior included a full kitchen and a great lanai


The bedrooms were cozy and came with a lovely view

kauai bedroom

Check out my view from bed

bed view

Even shower had a great view!

Kauai shower

Basically it was the coolest vacation spot I’ve ever rented.  One of the major selling points for me was the kitchen.  A refrigerator and dishwasher meant we could do some light cooking, which was awesome.  The recently opened Costco on the island made it even more awesome!  We were able to save a bunch of money on expensive meals by just eating at home.  Plus the house was super relaxing to boot.

But of course we did much more than just hang out at house.  We went to the beach!

 Beach Tree 2 Beach Tree Kauai beach 2

And we took a ton of pictures of the beach, because of course.  Almost everywhere in Kauai is naturally beautiful.  It’s so scenic that we even planned ahead so we could take a picture for our X-mas cards.

Xmas card

Amazing pictures, amateur photographers!

Check out this amazing waterfall view from right off the road.

Roadside Waterfall

Or my view for the Rams-Colts Sunday morning game.

Kauai Rams

I even managed to take a striking picture of a rainbow while driving past a graveyard.

kauai rainbow

We spent a total of five nights at the house, and during those day is when we did most of our exploring around the island. We hit a few Tiki Bars

beach drinks


There was even one day where the ladies took the car shopping and I stayed back and enjoyed a Mai Tai on the Lanai by myself.  It had predictable results.

Captain Buddha

After several days of beach hopping we were ready to head to the resort and relaxing for a few days before the dreaded flight back home.  Check back later this week for the second part of my Kauai Trip!


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