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The Captains Kauai Week – Day Three

Welcome back to Kauai Week!  Yesterday I covered the first part of the trip and the fabulous home we were privileged to enjoy.  I’m pushing back part two at the resort until tomorrow.  Today I wanted to share why Kauai is such an important place to Meg and me.  And the best way to do that is with a #WaybackWednesday picture!  Here’s Meg and me from our first trip to Kauai in March 2005.

kauai 2005


Damn we look young; it’s hard to believe that picture was taken 9 years ago.  It’s even harder to believe that we managed to take a trip to Hawaii during the first year of our relationship.  It was pretty amazing at the time, and now it almost doesn’t seem believable.  Our trip in March 2005 was the first time I had been off of the North American continent, but Megan had already been several times.  She had fallen in love with Hawaii when she was a kid, as it was an important place for her family.  Her parents had been traveling to the islands since the early 1970s and it was their favorite place to visit.  Her father so loved the island of Kauai that he asked for his ashes to be spread there after his passing.  On my first trip there I could immediately see why her family had so much love for the island.  It’s a magical place.

How Meg and I ended up there so soon after we started dating was mostly due to good timing.  We both talked frequently about our love for the beach when we first started dating.  Early on I joked that we should go there for vacation for my first spring break in graduate school.  And as fate would have it, I had some extra money and airline miles lying around that made it possible for an unemployed graduate student to take a spring break trip to Hawaii.  What can I say, 2005 was during the boom years where everyone seemed to have a little extra.  We just made it happen.  And it was amazing.  On that first trip to Hawaii is when I decided I wanted to propose to Meg.  So I returned to the States and worked my butt off to make it happen.  We returned to Kauai 8 months later for second trip.  And in November of 2005 I proposed to Meg on the beach at sunset.  It was on the same beach at sunset from the picture above, and it was pretty damn romantic if you ask me.




As you can imagine, we took a ton of pictures on our first two trips to Kauai.  I bought my first digital camera prior to the trip and we filled two memory cards full of amazing picture.  It was a brilliant in retrospect.  I have a ton of great beach picture of us looking all young and healthy.

 Secret Beach 2005


Everything about those trips was great timing.  Something about Kauai has always been good timing for us.  In fact, on this last trip we were there on the 8th anniversary of proposal.  We went back to the same beach to take sunset pictures, but the weather was not cooperative.  The view was still pretty incredible.


Letters in the sand


Now as it turns out, I am writing about Kauai in March of 2014, 9 years after first trip.  The island holds a special place in both of our hearts; it’s something that we will always share with each other.  The Captain and Meg are two ocean people who just happen to live in the Midwest!  Check back tomorrow for day four of Kauai Week at the resort.



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