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The Captains 10 Years Together – Part Two

On Day 2 of our St. Louis vacation Meg and I awoke in our suite at the Moonrise Hotel around 9 am.  Nothing beats a solid 10 hours of sleep!  Meg picked up some breakfast from Piccione Pastry down the street while I packed up the room.  We took our time checking out, eventually leaving around noon.  Next stop was a bit up Skinker Boulevard to Sasha’s Wine Bar for some lunch.  I ordered a prosciutto sandwich that was much bigger than I imagined.  It was a bright and sunny day that was perfect for sitting on a patio.




After lunch we headed over to Forest Park to enjoy the beautiful day.  We took a walk around the St. Louis Art Museum to enjoy all of the lovely flowers around Art Hill.  It was beautiful and uncrowded, which was a real rarity for St. Louis in the Spring.


 Art Hill Flowers 2

Art Hill Flowers


We eventually made our way home to drop off our overnight bags and to freshen up for a classy dinner.  We returned to the place where it all started 10 years ago, Trattoria Marcella.  The restaurant claims to be the best Italian food in St. Louis, which is quite a claim.  It’s a real standout despite the fact that it is surrounded by numerous great Italian restaurants on The Hill.  We lucked out with a private table in the back room to enjoy our delicious meal.


 Trattoria Marcella


As you can see in the picture, I ordered the massive baking pan full of lasagna.  It was as wonderful as it was 10 years ago today, just like my charming date.  Afterwards we relived our first kiss in the original spot it occured, in the car outside of the restaurant.  What can I say; Meg’s beauty was as irresistible then as it is now.

And with that kiss we headed back to her mother’s home just like we did 10 years ago.  Only this time I wasn’t dropping off Meg, I was picking up our two little barking boys.  After two days at grandma’s house they were exhausted!  We spent the last part of our nite on the couch with our dudes before turning in early for work the next day.


 DH Couch


It was a wonderful little trip that reminded us both of where we started and how far we have come.  It’s been one hell of an amazing decade with Meg, and I’m looking forward to several more!



The Captain

The Captains 10 Years Together – Part One

On April 22nd 2004 I went on my first date with Meg.  It worked out much better than either one of us could have possibly imagined.  We decided to mark the occasion of our first date with a two day vacation to celebrate.  But instead of traveling we chose to stay in our beloved hometown and enjoy everything that St. Louis has to offer.  And for a bit more of a local flair we decided to only patronize local businesses.  Two days of St. Louis originals!

We began our Monday with lunch at Farmhaus.




We have wanted to try the famous blue plate special at Farmhaus for a while, but getting down to Lindenwood Park midday during the week is difficult.  This was a great opportunity to experience firsthand all of the deserved praise.  Monday’s special included handmade fried chicken, mac & cheese and smashed potatoes.  And for only $10 it included a spinach salad and mango iced tea.  It was incredible!

After lunch we headed down to Forest Park for a stop at the Missouri History Museum.


 History Museum


The featured exhibit right now is part of the STL250 events to celebrate the birth of our fair city.  The exhibit is a fascinating look back at the important people and events in the city’s history and very informative.  If nothing else, it’s a great argument starter.  Just look at this list of famous St. Louisans’ who didn’t make the exhibit!




After the History Museum we headed to the Delmar Loop for a little afternoon fun.  We split root beer floats at Fitz’s


 Fitzs 2

Fitzs 1


And bowled a few games at Pin-Up Bowl.


 Pin Up Bowl


Meg is trying to look tough here while leading through the first 2 frames.  It did not last.  After the game we walked next door to the Moonrise Hotel and checked in to our room.  We have wanted to stay at the new fancy hotel on the Loop and this seemed like a great occasion.  The hotel was dreamed up by self-proclaimed mayor of the Loop, Joe Edwards


 Moonrise Welcome


It featured wall to wall moon decorations that are goofy yet still fun.  Lots of vintage photos of cardboard moons.


 Moet Moon


The suite where we resided was surprisingly spacious


 Moonrise Moon


And feature a gigantic Jacuzzi tub that we enjoyed thoroughly.


 Moet Hot Tub


For dinner we decided to dress up a bit


Moonrise Mirror


And take the elevator down to the Eclipse restaurant on the first floor.


Moonrise Stairs


The food and wine was delicious, but I mostly just glanced lovingly at my beautiful wife.




After dinner we went back to our suite and popped the cork on a bottle of Moët Champagne we brought from home and enjoyed a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi tub.


 Moonrise Cheers


It was an exciting yet relaxing way to enjoy our little St. Louis vacation, and the company was the absolute best!




The Captain

The Captain And The Old Bleachers

It’s day 3 of Baseball Week here at Captains Quarters so OF COURSE I dug up an old picture for #WaybackWednesday


Bleecher Beers


This is a 24 year old Captain with Easy B at the old Busch Stadium.  This was back in 2003 back when I sat in the bleachers a whole lot.  Most of those games are a hazy, beer filled memories to me at this point. I do not remember much about this game, but I remember eating like 3 sausages and getting sick.  Ha!




The Captain

The Captains Tuesday Nite Heckling Club

It’s the second day of baseball week and it’s the second home game of the Cardinals 2014 season.  It’s a #2ForTuesday waiting to happen!  Here’s two pictures from my first Cardinal game of the year.

 Heckling Opener


 Right field heckle crew


As you can see, it was pretty grand.  I managed to score some cheap seats to the game, and called in the crew to get rowdy.  Captain Mike has some free time now that he’s in town, Ludlow took off after school, DJ and Reed took the Metrolink from up north, and Officer Tim found a good parking space.  6 unruly guys and a whole lot of baseball.  This will be the 5th season of the Heckling Club, and the first meeting of 2014 was a rousing success.

The top picture is at a bar in the new Ballpark Village attraction.  We got to stadium early to check out the new digs, and I have to say it is pretty impressive.  It’s bigger than I would have thought.

The bottom picture is the gang, minus Officer Tim, in the right field stands.  We found plenty of empty seats near the right fielder and dug in to start slinging trash.  We heckled Reds right fielder Jay Bruce mercilessly all night.  No profanity, but often times much worse.  My favorite was JAY BRUCE DROPPED A DUECE but there were lots of other good ones.  It was basically three hours of


After about an hour we could tell that our chants were starting to get to him.  He looked back several times right at us.  Then in the bottom of the 6th our tireless taunts paid off big time.  With the Cardinals down by a run, Jay Bruce misplayed a line drive that resulted in 2 runs being scored.  Our section went into a frenzy.  The game was lost for the Reds on that play, and we were all convinced it was because our heckling distracted Bruce into making an error.  Obviously.

It was a wild nite and a great way to start the season.  Look for many more Heckling Club stories in the near future.  It’s gonna be a fun season!


The Captain

The Captain Opens Up The Season

In honor of the Cardinals’ 2014 Home Opener today I’m declaring it baseball week here at Captains Quarters!  In years past I’ve gone all out for the Home Opener

 Opening day

This year it’s rained all day and I came home after work and watched the game on my DVR.  Woo!  Still, at least the game is a good one.  Molina came up to the plate with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 1st and hit a double to clear the bases.  It was awesome, and I think it will be like this all year.

I think the Cardinals could win 100 games in the regular season.  There are so many things to like about this team.  The players are a great mix of veterans and young talent.  The starting pitching looks enviable, with 6 good options for 5 slots.  The team finally looks to have a credible center fielder and short stop.  The Cardinals haven’t had a decent one of those since Jimmy & Dave back in 2007.

A lot of sports writers are predicting the Card to make another World Series appearance in 2014.  It has me a little worried.  St. Louis sports teams succeed when they come from behind.  They wear the underdog status better.  High expectations have led to a lot of disappointment in the past.  I think the only thing that could hold the Cardinals back would be a string of injuries.  Still, with such a loaded lineup I like the Cardinals chances to head back to the World Series in 2014.  Can I get a #12in14



The Captain

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