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The Captains Detours Through Ladue

Whenever I stay late at my job I have to contend with more traffic.  My usual route home from work is usually backed up by this point, so I’ve found a few creative detours to avoid the increased traffic.  Sometime the quickest detour is to cut through Ladue, the ritziest neighborhood in St. Louis County.  Yesterday I cut through Ladue on my way home, and took a couple of photos while stopped at traffic lights that really sum up the Ladue lifestyle.  It makes for a fun game of Either/Or on #2ForTuesday

First up is what I call the old Ladue Traffic Jam.

Ladue Traffic


This is me stuck at a green traffic light behind a Volvo.  The driver of this Volvo decided to put down the automatic roof on his car at a red light, but the process took so long that it bled into the green light.  I sat behind him for a solid minute waiting for the top to come down.  Assholes like this are a specialty in Ladue.

Next up is what I call the Slums of Ladue

Ladue Slums


This is a picture of a new neighborhood being built on Ladue Road, right by I-270.  Some local builder is throwing up a cul-de-sac full of McMansions near the highway, and the starting price is only $700K.  Get serious.  I mean, what self-respecting millionaire would embarrass themselves with a cheapy mansion near the highway for under a milli?  Slumdog millionaires indeed.

So my question is which picture is more “Ladue” – the traffic jam or the slums?




The Captain

The Captain Makes A Better Godzilla

The review of the new Godzilla movie:

Needed a whole lot less of this




And a whole lot more of this


godzilla ending



The Captain

The Captains Remembers A Hip Guy

I’ve been thinking a lot about my buddy Josh this week.  A guy my age passing so suddenly has really shaken up a lot of folks I know.  There has also been a tremendous outpouring of support from his friends and family that has been wonderful to witness.  He was known as a guy who connected with a lot of people and it has really shown throughout the week.  Everyone has been describing him as a very bright and caring guy, and rightly so.  Josh always had a smile on his face and a nice thing to say.  So instead of saying how nice he was, I thought I’d highlight his hipness instead for Friday 5.


Top 5 Hip Things About Josh


1.  The Video Camera

Josh was the first teenager I met that had a video camera.  That may seem strange now, since every teenager I currently know has a video camera in their pocket that is used almost every day.  But back in the mid-90s a teenager with a video camera was a pretty novel idea.  Here’s a picture of Josh back at Summer Camp take a video during the group picture.


1994 camera


There he is in the back row with his video camera.1  He is so far ahead of his time I can hardly believe it.  That’s maximum lever hipster, into something WAY before everyone else.  Back then a video camera way out of an average teenager’s price range, so I was super jealous of him back in 1994.  Now it is two decades later and I’m feeling even more in awe of his coolness.

I’ve always wondered what ever happened to the countless hours of video that Josh shot over the years.  Now more than ever it would be a good time to digitize those old video tapes.  If someone started a Kickstarter to pay for digitizing Josh’s tape library then I would totally donate to that worthy cause.


2.  The Beard

The ability to grow a beard in high school is always hip when it’s done right; Josh had a beard 20 years ago!




3. Missouri game not in Missouri

Josh discovered my favorite way to travel, one where I get to cheer on Missouri in another state.  Planning a trip around a sports team’s schedule can be a pain in the ass, but it is tremendously fun when it happens right.  Just this year I saw his pictures at the Cotton Bowl and I was super jealous that he was in Dallas to cheer on Missouri to victory.




Those are the memories that last, and Josh had plenty of them.  When it came to having a good time, Josh was a real expert in my book.


4.  Don’t dream it.  Be it.

Josh was a big fan of professional wrestling like many kids were in the early nineties.  But Josh figured out the only thing more fun than watching wrestling was participating.  He branded himself the Ozark Mountain Daredevil and hit the local amateur wrestling scene hard.




Although I never actually saw Josh enter the squared circle, just knowing that he was wild enough to scrap earned him major hip points back in college.  Tough enough indeed.


5.  Bringing the Thunder

I mentioned on Monday that Josh was a True Fan.  But the hip thing about his fandom was that he would respond to a compelling story from any team.  Earlier this month I noticed that he was enthusiastically cheering for the Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA Playoffs.


thunder OKC


After reading his posts I became convinced that OKC was the team to cheer this year.  So I started cheering on the Thunder last week as they played against the Los Angeles Clippers.  Josh’s team v. the Old Racist Asshole’s team was a no brainer in my book.  And last nite the Thunder beat the Clippers in a deciding Game 6 to head to the next round of the Playoffs.  So in honor of Josh, let’s all Thunder Up!


 Thunder Up




The Captain



1.  I’m the goofy looking kid with his hair braided in the sunglasses, one row in front of Josh and all the way to the right.  The mid 90s were a hell of a good time.

The Captains Favorite Godzilla Movie

No way the Godzilla movie opening this weekend is better than this one.





The Captain

The Captain Is Never Gonna Dance Again The Way I Dance With You-oo

Bravo sir.





The Captain

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