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The Captains Detours Through Ladue

Whenever I stay late at my job I have to contend with more traffic.  My usual route home from work is usually backed up by this point, so I’ve found a few creative detours to avoid the increased traffic.  Sometime the quickest detour is to cut through Ladue, the ritziest neighborhood in St. Louis County.  Yesterday I cut through Ladue on my way home, and took a couple of photos while stopped at traffic lights that really sum up the Ladue lifestyle.  It makes for a fun game of Either/Or on #2ForTuesday

First up is what I call the old Ladue Traffic Jam.

Ladue Traffic


This is me stuck at a green traffic light behind a Volvo.  The driver of this Volvo decided to put down the automatic roof on his car at a red light, but the process took so long that it bled into the green light.  I sat behind him for a solid minute waiting for the top to come down.  Assholes like this are a specialty in Ladue.

Next up is what I call the Slums of Ladue

Ladue Slums


This is a picture of a new neighborhood being built on Ladue Road, right by I-270.  Some local builder is throwing up a cul-de-sac full of McMansions near the highway, and the starting price is only $700K.  Get serious.  I mean, what self-respecting millionaire would embarrass themselves with a cheapy mansion near the highway for under a milli?  Slumdog millionaires indeed.

So my question is which picture is more “Ladue” – the traffic jam or the slums?




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