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The Captains Tuesday Nite Heckle Club Vs The Yankees

Today was the game that I’ve been anticipating for months, Cardinals vs Yankees!  There is no one better to heckle than the most overpaid team in the major leagues.  I gathered the Tuesday Nite Heckle Club for a hell of a game, but first we made a trip out to East County for a little Horse Hooky.   My man D and I caught a few races out at Fairmount Park.



We won big on a horse named PinkChampagneOnIce after he took 1st place.  As you can see, I was pretty excited.



I think most of the people at the track were like us, just killing time before the Cards-Yanks game.  Like this guy in a Derek Jeter Farewell Tour t-shirt.

Jeter Farwell Tour


About half the people I saw on Tuesday were trying to get a peek at Jeter, which made it all the more fun to heckle his overpaid ass.  My grandmother is famous for her hatred of Derek Jeter, whom she refers to as “Pretty Boy.”  So in her honor the heckle club moved as close to shortstop as we could and let him have it.  We booed the entire Yankees club, except for starting pitcher David Phelps.  He graduated from my high school, so he got a free pass.

Luckily for us we were given plenty of material for yelling as the Cardinals beat up on the Yankees 6-0.  Suck it New York!


 Jeter Heckle


After the game we kept the party going at Ballpark Village.  My brother rode the bull at the PBR Bar


Paul Bull


And we caught a ride in a bike cab.


 Bike cab


With this drubbing of the Yankees it brings the Tuesday Nite Heckle Club’s record to a spiffy 3-0 this year.  We are belligerent difference makers.



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