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The Captain Parties Like Its 1998

This weekend I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in ages.  Here I am at the Cardinals game with Avery and my college roommate Eric.


 The Long Hairs


The last time I saw Avery was sophomore year of college.  Back in my early days at SMS, Avery was a member of the long haired weirdo club that was my friend group.  And then the first week of our junior year he drove to California and has been in San Diego ever since.  I hadn’t heard a peep from Avery until earlier this year when we became friends on Faceplace.  Eric and I have reminisced about Avery many times over the years since, so we were both thrilled to hear he would be in St. Louis this past weekend.  Eric even managed to dig up his old I ♥ New Florence hat from back in 1997.


 New Florence 14


Seeing that hat brought on some serous nostalgia, so I went digging and found a picture of Eric wearing it for #WaybackWednesday.


 New Florence


I’m pretty sure that Avery took this picture back in 1997.  There’s a long story about that hat that involved boxes of oranges and a large scale fruit fight, but that is probably better told in person.  Instead I will simply say that 16 years was far too long to go without seeing Avery.  Let’s hope we don’t go till 2030 without seeing each other again!




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