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The Captains Brother Knows How To Commence

On Saturday my youngest brother graduated high school.  That is an accomplishment, but nowadays it’s sort of an easy accomplishment for a white kid from the suburbs like Charlie.  But my brother didn’t just graduate, he gave the commencement speech!


Charlie Speech


In a family full of overachieving hams, he managed to outdo us all!  It was a hell of a good speech too, by far the crowd favorite based on the reaction.  But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.



I had to sneak down to the front to get that footage, as you can kind of hear at the end of the video when some security lady gets on my case.  Totally worth it though for such a great speech.  Although I was a bit disturbed to realize that his father’s side of the family had the millionaire, and our mother’s side had the illiterate and the moonshiner.  Ha!

Not only was the speech great, but he even managed to end the video with his phrase “See you later.”  How cool is that?!  Almost enough to make up for him botching the catch of his graduation cap.

The family all gathered afterwards to celebrate Charlie’s accomplishments


 Charlie Cake


And to narrowly avoid some storm damage in the afternoon.  I am a very proud big brother and I wish Charlie all the luck in college next year.  Good job baby bro!



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